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Fire OS 5 Comes To The Original Amazon Fire TV And Fire TV Stick (Both 1st And 2nd Gen Now Run Version 5.0.5)

Fire OS 5 is the latest release of Amazon's customized version of Android. As is tradition for the company's products, this firmware upgrade bumps devices up to being only one major version out of date. Instead of Marshmallow, Amazon's Fire gadgets are making their way up to Android 5.1.

Amazon has started pushing out Fire OS 5 to the 1st generation Fire TV and Fire TV stick. The 2nd gen hardware, which was already running 5.0.4, is also getting a boost. After the latest round of updates, all four gadgets should be left at 5.0.5.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick (2015) Lightning Review: Still Probably The Best Streaming Stick Money Can Buy

It's been about a year since Amazon released the first Fire TV Stick (give or take a couple of months), which was probably the best streaming stick at the time—arguably better than both Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick. Naturally, the company didn't want to wait too long before updating both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, though I'm not sure that I'd call what the FTV Stick got an actual "upgrade." Really, it's the same stick as last year, but now there's an option to bundle it with the voice remote for just $10 more than the normal price of $40 (making it $50).

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[Fire Sale] Amazon Discounts Several Fire Tablets, Fire TV, And Amazon Echo For Black Friday

It's Black Friday, and everything must go! Amazon is offering considerable discounts of over 30% on plenty of devices, including Fire TV sticks and Fire tablets, as well as that futuristic-looking cylinder called Amazon Echo.

Here's what we've managed to find:

It looks like these deals may be available in other stores such as Best Buy, too.

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Sony Announces Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Support For Its PlayStation Vue TV Service, Chromecast Support Coming Soon

If you don't know what PlayStation Vue is, don't worry, you're not alone. It's not a gaming service of any kind, it's an IPTV subscription that delivers select shows and networks to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It's a sort of hardware-exclusive take on SlingTV. Or at least it was, until Sony announced that the service was expanding to other streaming devices. Amazon's Fire TV and Fire TV Stick will be the first non-Sony hardware compatible with PlayStation Vue, not counting iPhone and iPad.

Apparently there are still no plans for core Android app, but the service will expand to the Chromecast (and presumably Android TV by way of its built-in Cast support) at some point in the future.

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Amazon Fire TV (2015) Lightning Review: Like The Original, But Somehow Worse

A little more than a year ago, Amazon launched its first set-top box, Fire TV. That was followed by the weaker, but far more wallet-friendly littler brother, Fire TV Stick. Now that the company has been in the streaming market for a little while, a refreshed version of its flagship box makes sense, right? I mean, there's technically nothing wrong with the first Fire TV, but more horsepower and support for more modern resolutions are always better, right?

Actually, no. There are definitely some quirks that you should be aware of before jumping into a new Fire TV — especially if you're just upgrading from the old one.

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Amazon, Gunning For "Biggest Jerk" Award, Will Be Banning Chromecast And Nexus Player Listings From Its US Store

If you have a Chromecast or Android TV, you've probably noticed the one big glaring hole in content on those devices: Amazon Instant Video. Now, it seems more unlikely than ever that these devices will be getting AIV support, because Amazon is apparently preventing sellers on the US site from listing them altogether, and will remove all existing listings for the devices on October 29th. An email appeared on reddit late last night purporting to be from Amazon is below:

Dear Seller,

Over the last three years, Prime Video has become an important part of Prime.

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[Rumor] Amazon's Voice Assistant Alexa Might Soon Be Working A Double Shift On Fire TV

Alexa, what are you doing tonight? Oh, you'll be in my living room, listening for my every word? I think I like where this is going... You're a very dedicated assistant Alexa. I want to give you a raise and ask you to be a more permanent resident in my life. How would you like to work inside my Fire TV as well as my Echo? No, I didn't say light my fire baby, though I like the way you think.

AFTVnews has been digging through Amazon's Fire OS 5 developer preview and uncovering lots of evidence pointing toward Alexa's arrival on Fire TVs, but whether this includes existing devices or only the next generation ones, they can't be 100% sure yet.

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Amazon Brings Fire OS 5 Developer Preview Based On Android 5.1 To Fire TV

Now that you've heard the new name for Android M, you're probably all excited to hear about how Amazon plans to deliver a customized version of Android Lollipop to its Fire devices later this year. Yeah, around the time regular Android will be making the leap to Marshmallow. The company released a developer preview of Fire OS 5 back in June for the Fire HD 6 and 7. Now it's releasing a version for Fire TV as well.

With Fire OS 5, Fire TV is making the substantial jump up from OS 3. The upcoming version will bring Android 5.1 along with support for Android TV and the v17 leanback library.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy Is Currently Offering The Fire TV Stick For $25, Matching Amazon's Recent Prime Day Sale Price ($15 Off)

Like the Kindle tablets that came before it, Amazon's Fire TV Stick is built on top of a customized version of Android. You won't find the Play Store and Google apps on your television screen if you pick one up, but it's still a good way to get your hands on apps. Then, of course, there are the ever-so-important TV shows and movies.

Best Buy is currently offering the Fire TV Stick for $25. That's $15 less than the product's usual price. This also matches the amount Amazon was selling the media dongle for during its big Prime Day sale in mid-July.

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HBO Now Is Coming To Android Later Today, Already Available For Fire Tablets, Fire TV And Chromecast Sometime Soon

At this year's Google I/O, we heard that HBO Now would eventually be available across all Android devices. Well, today appears to be that day. HBO appears set to drop Now into the Play Store. The company has listed Android as "coming later today" on its list of supported devices.


If you have one of Amazon's Fire tablets, your wait is already up. HBO Now is already available on the latest generation of slates, which includes the Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7. Support will also come to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick in a few weeks.

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