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[Update: Amazon responds] Google pulling YouTube from Echo Show and Fire TV after failed talks with Amazon

Google and Amazon haven't played well over the years. Back in 2015, Amazon pulled the Chromecast and Nexus Player (among other similar devices) from its online store to boost sales of its own Fire TV products. Earlier this year, Google blocked YouTube from working on the Echo Show, and later partially restored the functionality after talks with Amazon. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video still isn't compatible with the Chromecast or most Android TV devices.

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Amazon releases Fire TV Stick Basic Edition for $50

If your TV is tragically not smart enough—or otherwise lacks a way to play Amazon Prime Video—Amazon has been heavily pushing their line of Fire TV devices since 2014. While the 3rd generation Fire TV started shipping last month, Amazon just announced the new Fire TV Stick Basic Edition. Problem is, there's absolutely nothing new about this at all.

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Black Friday Target ad reveals $80 Google Home, $30 Home Mini with $10 giftcard, $30 Fire 7 tablet, and more

Thanksgiving is coming up this month in the United States, which means retailers are prepping for Black Friday. Just about every major store will have steep discounts on items, but whether they are worth fighting crowds for is another question. Target's ad for Black Friday was recently released, and there are a few noteworthy deals for Google, Amazon, and Samsung products.

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Amazon's new 4K Fire TV is now shipping, but early reviews aren't all positive

Last month, Amazon announced a ton of new products, including a new Fire TV. While the new design and 4K capabilities are the main selling points, there are a few software improvements as well. Now the device is shipping to customers, and you can buy it for $69.99 from Amazon.

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Amazon quietly announces Fire OS 6, based on Android Nougat

Amazon's fork of Android is known as Fire OS, and it ships on all of the company's tablets and TV devices. The current version, Fire OS 5, is getting a bit long in the tooth; it's based on either Lollipop or Marshmallow, depending on the device. Amazon revealed quite a few new products recently, but one announcement flew under the radar - Fire OS 6.0.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon is offering discounted bundles, such as the all-new 4K Fire TV and Echo Dot for $79.99 ($40 off)

Amazon has been busy announcing its latest hardware lineup this week, including a range of brand new Echo devices and a 4K Fire TV dongle. You may think you'd have to wait a while to see any of the new products discounted, but it's already the case for the new Fire TV. The high-definition TV dongle can be bought with either the HD Antenna or an Echo Dot with a healthy saving, and there's also a deal involving the original Fire TV Stick.

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Amazon announces new Echo speakers, Spot alarm clock, 4K Fire TV dongle, and more

Amazon's hardware lineup occasionally gets a refresh, like with the new Echo Show earlier this year. But today is different. Amazon decided to announce six new products today, including sequels to the incredibly popular Echo speaker.

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Amazon Fire TV's OS 5.2.6 lets you use voice dictation when the keyboard is open

Back in 2010, Android 2.1 Eclair added voice dictation when the keyboard is open to let you use speech instead of hunting and pecking on your 3" display to type a few letters and characters. That function apparently never made it into Amazon's Fire OS Android fork on TVs (it's available on Fire tablets as far as I can tell). But that's changing now that Amazon is all about voice.

Fire OS 5.2.6 has been rolling to TV devices since September 13, but the official changelog was just posted and Amazon and says you can hold the voice button on the Alexa Voice Remote or the Fire TV Remote App (on your phone) when the keyboard is open to dictate text instead of typing one letter at a time.

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Amazon's two 2017 Fire TV models are a mid-range dongle and a cube-shaped flagship box

Two of Amazon's 2017 additions to its popular Fire TV lineup have been leaked courtesy of AFTVnews: a mid-range dongle and a flagship set-top box. Both will be capable of 4K60, and the cube-shaped one is notable because it reportedly has new built-in hardware that allow it to act as an Amazon Echo Dot when you want it to.

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[Update: It's really live now] Alexa devices can now control your Fire TV

One of the Google Home's best features is the ability to control playback of a Chromecast with voice commands. For example, you can ask "OK Google, play Gravity Falls on the living room TV" to start playing content without having another device nearby. Now the Fire TV can do that, but with Alexa devices.

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