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Fire TV devices have a new hub for all your live content

Smart TV platforms are slowly getting better at organizing all the media services you're subscribed to. Much like how different streaming services have different shows and movies available, you might be subscribed to multiple live TV services that don't have the same channels. Amazon is rolling out an update to its Fire TV devices that organizes all your live content in one centralized location.

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Amazon Fire TVs won't ask for your WiFi password during setup

Setting up a new device can sometimes be time consuming, as you need to unwrap it, plug it in, and go through the installation process before you can finally use it. To smoothen these steps, Amazon has created its "Frustration-Free Setup" program with "Wi-Fi simple setup", so you won't have to spend time authenticating when launching a new Alexa-enabled device for the first time.

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In time for the Super Bowl, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is $10 off, Cube $40 off

If you're looking for a smarter way to stream the big game on your TV, you can save a few bucks on a new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K or Fire TV Cube, which have dropped to $39.99 and $79.99, respectively.

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Amazon Fire TV Cube is $60 (half off) on Woot, today only

If you're heavily invested into Amazon's Alexa-based ecosystem, odds are you eschew a Chromecast in favor of a Fire TV device. So if you'be been looking into picking up one of the more advanced Fire TV Cubes, you're in luck. Woot is slinging them today for a mere $60, which is half-off the original $120 price tag.

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Amazon's Fire TV products are 21-38% off right now, including the 4K Stick (30% off) and Recast DVR (22% off)

If you've been looking to upgrade your TV setup, today is a good day to do it. All of Amazon's Fire TV products are currently on sale, including the new 4K streaming stick, the Fire TV Cube, and the 'Recast' DVR box.

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Amazon Fire TV Cube and 2017 Fire TV Stick rooted using HDMI exploit

Amazon released the Fire TV Cube earlier this year, as a 4K-capable streaming device with far-field microphones (for responding to Alexa responses) and an IR transmitter (for turning devices on/off). has now released a root method for the Fire TV Cube and the 2017 Fire TV Stick, which relies on sending commands through the HDMI port and bypassing code verification.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon's Fire TV Cube is at an all-time low of $80 ($40 off)

Amazon's latest streaming media player, the Borg Cube Fire TV Cube, went on sale a few months ago. It has already dropped below MSRP a few times, but now it's on sale for $79.99. That's the lowest price we've seen yet, and $10 cheaper than it was on Prime Day.

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Amazon Fire TV Cube with 4K playback, built-in Alexa, and IR control is now available for $119.99

Amazon's new Fire TV Cube, which was announced earlier this month, is now available for purchase and ready for shipping and delivery. The pre-order price of $89.99 is long gone, so you will have to fork out the full $119.99 if you want one. However, the deal on the bundle with the Amazon Cloud Cam is still available so you can save $40 by grabbing both for $199.98. Additionally, if you buy the Cube on or before July 1, you can redeem a $10 Prime Video credit before August 31.

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Amazon announces Fire TV Cube with 4K playback and built-in microphones

Amazon announced new Echo and Fire products in September of last year, one of those being a new Fire TV Stick. Amazon positioned the new model as a replacement for the high-end 2015 Fire TV and the 2016 Fire TV Stick, but it lacked many of the features of the larger Fire TV, like external storage. Today, Amazon announced a new media box that sorta fills that gap - the Fire TV Cube.

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