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Amazon Fire TV gets new Alexa interface with latest update (v5.2.6.6)

With the release of the Fire TV Cube in June, Amazon also debuted a more minimalistic interface for Alexa. The new UI has been exclusive to the Cube up to now, but the version update for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices brings them in line with their square-sided sibling.

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Eufy Genie catches up to Amazon Echos with new calling and messaging abilities

The Eufy Genie is a popular third-party Alexa-enabled smart speaker from Anker that can usually be picked up for as little as $30, making it a good alternative to the Echo Dot. It hasn't always been as capable as Amazon's own hardware, though, with the omission of calling and messaging being a prime example. The Genie is now finally getting those very features.

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New Alexa skill 'Away Mode' wards off potential burglars using the power of awkward conversations

When you leave your home for an extended time, you have a handful of ways to deter would-be burglars, including sticking signs with a security company's logo in your lawn or on your apartment door, scheduling lights to turn on at certain hours, or owning a dog with a vicious bark. But now a new Alexa skill called "Away Mode" lets you tap into the power of awkward conversations to make crooks think twice before barging into your abandoned abode.

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Alexa Skills Kit and Voice Service expand to Italy and Spain, Echo devices coming later in the year

Amazon has announced that the Echo and other Alexa speakers from Bose and Sonos are coming to Spain and Italy later this year. In preparation for that, it is now expanding the Alexa Skills Kit and Voice Service to these two countries.

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New Alexa skill lets you manage your Amazon Store Card by voice

Tired of paying your Amazon Store Card bill by hand like a cave person? A new Alexa skill lets you manage your account—performing tasks like checking your balance, reviewing recent transactions, and paying your bill—by talking to your Echo device or app.

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August and Schlage smart locks get new Alexa voice unlock skill

If you've been itching to unlock your Schlage or August door locks with Alexa, I have some good news for you. Both companies announced a new skill that allows you to do just that. Some of you might have security concerns about this, but both Schlage and August are quick to affirm that this system is, in fact, quite safe.

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