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Google Meet brings noise cancellation to Android and iOS apps

Google Meet (formerly Hangouts Meet) has become an essential tool for workplaces and schools across the world, following the rise of COVID-related lockdowns and work-from-home measures. Google has been rapidly adding features over the past few months, and the latest improvement is noise cancellation on mobile platforms.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 review: Bang-up budget band

Xiaomi's Mi Band series has won fans by offering a lot of fitness features for not a lot of money. That formula isn't changing with the latest entry, the Mi Band 5. It looks almost identical to its predecessors but makes some notable improvements: There's finally magnetic charging so you don't have to pry the device out of the band anymore, the screen is a little bigger, and the tracking is a bit more accurate.

The Mi Band 5 might not compete with high-end trackers and smartwatches from Garmin or Fitbit, but it doesn’t have to.

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Users in 4 new countries can now ignore Google Play Points

Google Play may not produce the same kinds of monetary numbers that Apple's App Store does, but the company is trying its best to catch up. Google introduced a point system in the US last year that rewards users for buying apps and making in-app purchases. Play Points expanded to two more areas earlier this year, and now four more countries are joining the club.

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Google will make using alternative app stores easier in Android 12

Epic Games opened a can of worms last month when it added its own payment solution to Fortnite in a violation of Google Play's guidelines for developers. The move has brought discussions on app store policies to the forefront, and now Google is taking the opportunity to highlight Android's open nature — and announce a big change for alternative app stores coming in Android 12.

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Five great cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is a great phone, but the $1,300 asking price is tough to swallow. So, it's lucky, then, that the phone's physical design is screaming for a case with that massive camera module sticking out of the back. You don't want to trust just any old case to protect your $1,300 phone. We've tested many, many Note20 Ultra cases, and here are the best.

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Routines are replacing Nest Home/Away Assist, but it's a little confusing

Earlier this month, an update to the Google Home app revealed a new presence sensing feature in the works, along with a revamped setup process for Home/Away routines. Now new information on the changes has hit online support documentation, giving us more details on what to expect as Google pushes customers away from the Nest app and toward Google Home.

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Google's big crackdown on in-app purchases will begin next year

Google's rumored crackdown on in-app purchases has just been formally announced. The company is planning to step up enforcement of its existing rules regarding purchases made inside apps on the Play Store. However, developers don't have to rush to accommodate these changes immediately; the company is granting a one year reprieve in light of current events before it begins policing things more intently.

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YouTube Music tests seven Spotify-like daily playlist mixes

YouTube Music has been picking up the pace lately in adopting some well-liked features of the outgoing Google Play Music. In addition to all the inherited stuff, the streaming app has also been getting a whole bunch of new features to make the experience more personalized and engaging for its users. In line with that, YouTube Music is now adding a new My Mix section that offers several playlists tuned according to your music taste — but they aren't live for everyone yet.

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OnePlus Nord's super-limited closed beta is now open — apply now

OnePlus runs one of the more public-facing software-testing operations among the phone makers we cover at Android Police and it's little surprise to see another launch of beta testing groups — this time for its latest phone, the Nord.

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Google Duo finally starts rolling out screen sharing — here's how it works

After years in the making (and breaking), Google confirmed earlier this month (then deleted the tweet) that screen sharing would soon be available to its Duo video calling service. The feature didn't go live immediately, but is now finally making its way to users. The server-side switch gods have deemed my husband's OnePlus 7 Pro worthy of getting it, but my Pixel 4 XL with Android 11 isn't cool enough (no, I'm not bitter). But all you need is for it to be live on one device to do the sharing, so we took it for a spin. Prepare for infinite Ritas — you've been warned.

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