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Dolphin emulator returns to the Play Store after two-year hiatus

Dolphin, the well-known Nintendo GameCube/Wii emulator, has maintained an Android version since 2013. However, the app was pulled from the Play Store around two years ago, so users could only download development builds from the project's website. Thankfully, Dolphin has now returned to the Play Store, with the developers aiming to release new builds on a monthly basis.

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[Deal Alert] Moto E4 down to $100 ($25 off) on Amazon

The Moto E5 generation has officially kicked off, but only the E5 Play and E5 Plus are coming stateside. So if you want a phone that is relatively small and comes in at under $100, Amazon is currently offering the Moto E4 (non-Prime Exclusive) for $99.99, a $25 discount.

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[Deal Alert] Get a dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S8 for $430 on eBay

The #1 rule when it comes to consumer electronics is this: Nothing holds its value forever. The latest device to see its price hit an all-time low is Samsung's global dual-SIM variant of the S8 (SM-G950FD), which has just hit $430 on eBay, falling a further $45 since two months ago.

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Gmail app now alerts you to deleted messages from threads, gives option to view

The desktop/web version of Gmail has been undergoing a lot of changes in recent months, but the Android app, in comparison, has languished a bit. At least one feature from its desk-bound counterpart is trickling down to mobile, though. The indicator warning that messages have been deleted from a thread has made its way into the Gmail app for Android as of v 8.7.15.

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Google Maps now has a '3D Globe Mode' on desktop

Globes can be had for around $20-30 on Amazon, and they can make for some nice decoration. But if you don't want to cough up that amount of money or you just don't have any space in your home for one, Google Maps now has a '3D Globe Mode' on desktop that you can use to check out our planet with.

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Motorola confirms there won't be any more Moto Z phones launched in 2018

As we all know by now, Motorola isn't doing too well. None of its phones are standing out these days, and the Moto Z3 that debuted yesterday is just an old Moto Z2 that was never launched being used to showcase the not-yet-available 5G Moto Mod. Motorola has now confirmed via Twitter that no more Moto Z phones will be announced for the rest of 2018, which isn't entirely unexpected.

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[Deal Alert] AT&T Galaxy Note8 refurb is $486 on eBay

We're under a week away from the Galaxy Note9's launch event, which means that the previous-generation Note8 is starting to get some pretty enticing discounts. An eBay seller with nearly 69,000 stars is currently offering AT&T Galaxy Note8 refurbs at $485.99 a pop.

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Samsung accidentally posts Galaxy Note9 introduction video

We're only a few days away from the Galaxy Note9's August 9th announcement date, and as expected, things are getting pretty leaky. We've already seen high-quality photos of the phone, but Samsung accidentally posted a photo of it on its own site yesterday. The self-leaking continues today, with Samsung's official YouTube channel having uploaded (and taken down) an introductory video for the Note9 that clearly wasn't meant to be up.

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Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney confirms that 'Fortnite' will not be listed on the Play Store

Everyone and their mother has been waiting patiently for Epic Games to release Fortnite on Android, and with certain device exclusivity rumors swirling around, many were starting to worry that we may have to wait for some time past the announced summer release date. While there is still no confirmed news about that exclusivity, Eurogamer's recent interview with Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has confirmed that Fortnite will not use the Google Play Store as a distribution platform.

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Google's Measure now works on vertical surfaces, lets you easily copy the measurement [APK Download]

Google's Measure app is a very neat augmented reality tool that can take measurements of surfaces without a ruler or tape or anything beside your smartphone. However, since its launch, the app was only able to detect horizontal surfaces, but that's changing now.

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