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21 new and notable Android apps from the last two weeks including Navigation for Google Maps Go, Ava Lockscreen, and Calroo Family Organizer (7/21/18 - 8/4/18)

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous week or so. This week Google finally released a navigation app for Android Go, and if you are into theming, then you will want to check out Ava Lockscreen. Calroo Family Organizer is also a notable standout, and it is completely free to use, which is excellent for all you family planners out there. So without further ado, here are the best Android apps released in the last fortnight.

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Google reportedly in talks with Tencent and other companies to bring Cloud to China

Rumors of Google's attempted return to China have been around for years, but things really started getting going within the past few days. To be specific, there have been reports that Google is working on censored versions of its Search and News apps. We're now hearing that Google is in talks with Tencent, Inspur, and some other Chinese companies to introduce its Cloud service to the Chinese market.

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[Update: Now available] LG Q7+ coming to T-Mobile on August 3, no Android One version in sight

LG announced a new range of budget phones back in May - the Q7, Q7+, and Q7α. They all have 5.5-inch 18:9 displays, with a curved glass front and metal back. None of them are available in the United States right now, but it looks like that will change in a few days. Support pages for the T-Mobile variant of the Q7+ have just been published and point to a release date of August 3.

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[Deal Alert] Essential Phone being offered with free Earphones HD, 360 Camera, and camera case for $399

The Essential Phone has seen some pretty crazy deals over the past few months, but the best one we saw came last month during Prime Day. Today's deal isn't quite as good, but if you're interested in picking an Essential Phone up, Essential will toss in a pair of its Earphones HD, a 360 Camera, and a protective camera case for free.

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Google Express continues to pick up new partner stores at breakneck pace

Google Express is still a bit of a tough sell for a lot of shoppers. While it offers the convenience of integration with Google Pay and presents the opportunity for free shipping (which is temporarily at a new $15 minimum purchase level for many stores), maybe its biggest problem has been in terms of availability — it can sometimes be quite hard to find what you want. Google's been taking some steps to improve that situation, including signing on a whole mess of new retail partners.

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Google app v8.15 beta hints at 'Memory Aid Locker,' conversational translation on smart displays, and categories in Top Apps [APK Teardown]

It's Friday afternoon and that means there's probably going to be a Google app update. The latest version doesn't appear to change much on the surface, so we'll be looking to the teardown for more information. Details are a bit thin with this update as most of the topics are little more than breadcrumbs, but we'll take a look at a new feature called the Memory Aid Locker, the first substantial pieces of a Top Apps view, and a cut-and-dry implementation of Google Translate for smart displays.

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Remember that AI camera that made doodles instead of photos? Google shares browser-based version you can try yourself

If you have an especially normal memory, you might be able to dig back far enough in your mind's history to last month, when news of a doodling, AI-powered camera was making the rounds. It was called Draw This, and the camera worked by visually recognizing objects in a scene, feeding those object names back into Google's "Quick, Draw!" dataset, and then placing them together in a similar configuration. The resulting photos were printed onto thermal paper, giving you an instant Polaroid-style doodle. Well, turns out all of us can enjoy those doodles for ourselves, as enterprising developer Eric Lu has turned it into a website called Cartoonify.

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[Deal Alert] Honor View10 down to $430 ($70 off) at multiple retailers

There are quite a few "budget flagships" at the $500 price point these days, and they're all pretty good phones. The Huawei-made Honor View10 is one of them, and it's been discounted by $70 to $429.99 at Amazon, HiHonor, and Newegg from now until September 2nd.

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Facebook app transitioning to Chrome Custom Tabs from external link opening

Whenever I get a new phone, one of the first things I do after installing all of my apps is head into the Facebook app settings and enable the 'Links open externally' toggle. However, Facebook may finally be adopting Chrome Custom Tabs, three years after Google first announced them.

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[Deal Alert] Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speaker $114 at Best Buy and Amazon (half off MSRP)

Bluetooth speakers may not be as exciting as the futuristic, digital assistant-enabled hardware that's making the rounds these days, but they're still useful. When you're throwing a party on the deck or out at the beach, it isn't a Google Home that you reach for when packing. You need more volume, fewer wires, and battery-powered convenience, all of which the Beats Pill+ provides. And now you can pick one up for about half off MSRP ($114) at Best Buy and Amazon.

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