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Google Photos v3.14 may have dropped support for Jelly Bean, prepares to launch Favorites, teases Austin's Mysteryer feature [APK Teardown]

Version 3.14 of Google Photos just started rolling out a little earlier today. This one doesn't appear to have any new features or major changes, but it might possibly be leaving behind some older versions of Android. This update could also be preparing to launch the Favorites feature spotted in a previous teardown. Looking further into the APK's resources, there are also signs of more options related to Shared Libraries. And finally, Austin's Mysteryer feature takes yet another turn.

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YouTube TV is getting more channels, new markets, and a price increase

Google is preparing a big expansion of YouTube TV content, but it doesn't want you to know that yet. Buzzfeed News accidentally let the news go live early, and the internet took note before it could update the post. So, you can expect Google to announce a raft of new channels tomorrow, February 14th. The price of the service is also going up next month, but only for new subscribers.

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18 new and notable Android games from the last week (2/7/18 - 2/13/18)

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous week or so.

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Canary's Alexa skill is now live

Amazon's Alexa devices already have integration with several home security camera systems, and Canary is the latest. After announcing this feature in early 2018, it's now live. With a simple voice command, you can stream your Canary feed to a compatible Alexa display.

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Shazam updates its song page with fullscreen artist images and new menu

Shazam has revamped the interface of the song page inside its app. The update, which began rolling out yesterday, brings a fullscreen artist image, replaces the long scrolling page with multiple menus, and gets rid of most of the visual clutter. However, it's only affecting the free version of Shazam.

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Arlo's cameras will work with the Google Home and Assistant

Gather 'round for some happy news, Arlo owners. If you've been envious of Nest's integration with Google Home and Assistant, the wait might be drawing to a close. Arlo has a landing page where it's promising that the Google Assistant integration is "coming soon" for its connected security cameras.

The entire page is very light on details and all we know is that you'll be able to stream any of your cameras by saying, "Ok Google, show me camera_name on tv/chromecast_name." That's the same thing you can do with Nest and Logi right now, and it requires a Chromecast connected to a TV or an Android TV set-top box to work.

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Hulu updated with easier timeline scrubbing

Sometimes apps are updated with a plethora of new features that transform the experience. This is not one of those times. Yet, the latest Hulu update does bring something that many subscribers will probably enjoy. You can scrub through a video by pressing anyplace, not just on the timeline.

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Verizon Moto G4 Play gets Android 7.1.1 Nougat after being stuck on 6.0.1 for a long time

Motorola's excellent track record with updating devices fell by the wayside as it became part of Lenovo and started releasing more device variants than anyone can keep track of each year. Nothing is better proof of that than the Moto G4 Play's situation. The device, which was released on September of 2016, has been stuck on Marshmallow 6.0.1 for months and months as owners gave up on even getting an update. Then the unlocked international variant started getting Android 7.1.1 last month and now the Verizon one is following suit.

Android 7.1.1 is rolling out in an OTA to the Verizon Moto G4 Play and it takes the device from build MPIS24.241-2.35-1-17 to NPI26.48-38.

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Samsung reportedly readying '3D Emoji' feature for the Galaxy S9, similar to Apple's Animojis

The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ is less than 2 weeks away, and thanks to the now customary series of leaks, we already know a fair amount about what to expect from the new flagship. Thanks to a report by Korean outlet ETNews, we potentially know a little bit more about a certain software feature that Samsung is preparing.

With the release of the iPhone X, Apple threw its substantial marketing clout behind a new animated emoji feature (Animojis) that mimics your facial expressions as you speak or sing. Apparently, Samsung has something similar up its sleeve for the Galaxy S9, and the report also mentions several other potential inclusions.

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Android 8.1 officially rolls out to the Nokia 8

Well, that didn't take long. It was only a couple of weeks ago that Nokia opened up the beta test for Android 8.1 on the Nokia 8, and now the beta is over and the update is officially rolling out to everyone.

The update was announced by Juho Sarvikas on Twitter and has started rolling out to users now with several sharing screenshots of the OTA downloading on their device. It weighs 1.5GB and brings the February security patch along with all the small and large improvements of Android 8.1. The most important of those are battery level reporting for Bluetooth devices and the possibility to continue restoring a backup after the initial setup, along with visual tweaks to the power menu and a correct hamburger emoji.

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