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[Update: Petition, Issue tracker] Android P prevents Substratum themes from being used

Substratum is a rootless way to install custom themes on Android Oreo. When it burst onto the scene around September of last year, it instantly became a crowd favorite; people loved the ability to reduce the increasing amount of whiteness Google was shoving into Android. However, it seems like Google wasn't happy with this, as Substratum and custom overlays in general are no longer functional on Android P.

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Give your Google Home Mini an adorable 3D-printed Android robot body

Having a Google Home Mini around is often an enjoyable, futuristic experience. But for some, it can feel bizarre saying things aloud to seemingly no one in particular and waiting for a disembodied Google Assistant to respond. Thanks to the wonders of 3D printing, you can make these encounters a little more palpable by giving that virtual assistant living inside your smart speaker an adorable Android robot body.

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Sony’s pass-through 3.5mm dongle for the Xperia XZ2 breaks quick charging

Unfortunately, the trend of removing headphone jacks from smartphones isn't ending anytime soon. Sony revealed its new flagship devices at Mobile World Congress last month, and among other major changes, there is no headphone jack to be found. Sony will include an adapter with those phones, but if you need to charge and listen at the same time, the company is more than happy to sell you a more complicated (yet still terrible) dongle.

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Intel reportedly looking to buy Broadcom, which is trying to take over Qualcomm

Despite being de facto leader of processors for desktops and laptops, Intel never made a large impression in the smartphone SoC market. The company spent around $10 billion attempting to compete with Qualcomm and other companies, but ultimately gave up in 2016. According to The Wall Street Journal, Intel is reportedly looking into purchasing Broadcom, assuming Broadcom's hostile takeover of Qualcomm works out.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung DeX Station down to $79.99 ($70 off) from Samsung, $82.90 from Amazon

Samsung's DeX Station is about a year old at this point. Initially launched alongside the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ at a princely sum of $149.99, the fancy dock has now dropped to nearly half that amount - $79.99, to be precise, from And if you'd prefer to purchase from Amazon, it's there for less than $3 more.

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Bose AR audio-only augmented reality platform asks, 'Who needs screens?'

Augmented reality can make for some fantastically impressive tech demos, and the rise of systems like Google's ARCore has started to bring AR to the masses, not requiring hardware any more advanced than the phone you already have. While phone-based AR feels like it has the potential to be quite popular, wearable AR devices have proven to be a tougher sell, and the public backlash against early efforts like Google Glass is still hard to forget.

Still, companies soldier on trying to find a way to make this tech more palatable, and today we're learning about the new Bose AR platform, which earns the distinction of taking an audio-only approach to augmented reality.

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Chrome OS will soon preserve window positions across displays when disconnecting and reconnecting an external monitor

Back when Chrome OS was first made public, people would often dismiss it as "just a browser" on a laptop. Fast forward to 2018, and while Chrome OS might not be able to perform every single task a full-fledged desktop computer can, it can certainly handle essentially anything an average user would need. Today, Chrome OS is able to run Android apps, work offline, and even do boring desktop stuff like change the wallpaper.

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Google app v7.23 beta prepares alpha and beta testing program, several Pixel Bud improvements, and more notification channels [APK Teardown]

Google just announced some major enhancements to Assistant, which predictably meant there would also be an update to the Google app coming shortly. While there aren't any outward signs of changes after updating, there are a few interesting additions to be seen in a teardown of this update. There are several improvements coming to the Pixel Buds, users may soon get to sign up to be beta testers for new features, and there are even a few new notification channels planned.

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Samsung is rolling out an update for the Galaxy S9/S9+ with March 2018 security patches

The Galaxy S9 is just starting to make its way out to pre-order customers, but Samsung is wasting no time getting the device updated. The first OTA for Samsung's latest phone is hitting devices, but deployment will probably vary by region and carriers. When you do get the update, it'll bump your phone to the latest security patches that just rolled out to Pixels the other day.

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Valve's upcoming Dota 2 card game 'Artifact' is coming to Android in 2019

Valve has apparently been working with known Magic: The Gathering designer Richard Garfield since 2014 to come up with an all-new game for PC, consoles, and mobile. It is called Artifact, and it's a Dota 2-themed collectible card game that looks like it will be Valve's answer to Hearthstone. The console and PC release dates are scheduled for the end of 2018, but the sad news is that it will not be hitting Android until mid-2019.

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