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ZeroLemon's massive 10,000 mAh battery case for LG V20 is now available for $60

The LG V20 has a 3200 mAh, replaceable battery. For a lot of people, that will get you through the day. But what if you need more? Well, you could buy an extra battery or two and just swap them out as you go along. Or, if you'd prefer to improve your forearm strength while you operate your phone, you can buy ZeroLemon's monstrous battery case for the V20 that more than triples its battery life.

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LG posts January security bulletin ahead of Google with Android and LG-specific patches

Google has been releasing monthly security patches like clockwork ever since it revamped the Android security model in the wake of Stage Fright. Samsung and LG are also trying to keep up with the monthly patches, but not always with the most success. LG's getting the jump on Google today, though. It has posted the January security bulletin a little early with information on Google and LG-specific patches.

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T-Mobile's low-end LG Leon gets a surprise Marshmallow OTA update


LG's bootloader unlock tool supports the LG V20 for the "US open market"

Few LG devices are lucky enough to get an official bootloader unlock method, so it's always worthy of a mention when a new phone gets supported on LG's bootloader unlock tool. We've seen the G4 and G5 for the EU open market, the V10 for Europe except France, and this is the first time a device from North America makes it onto the list.

The LG V20 "for the US open market" codenamed US996.USA is now listed on LG's bootloader unlock page. That page also has a detailed set of instructions to follow to unlock the bootloader. It also explains that the LG warranty is voided when you're done and that the process can't be undone.

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LG announces the isai Beat, a smaller V20 with water resistance, for Japan

The V20's a nice phone, but its 5.7-inch screen, combined with the secondary display up top, can make it a bit unwieldy to hold for those of you with smaller hands. Well, LG's got a solution for you - the oddly-named isai Beat (LGV34), a phone with most of the V20's features, a 5.2-inch display, and water resistance. However, if you don't live in Japan, you might have a hard time getting your hands on one of these.

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[Deal Alert] Big discounts on unlocked phones from Amazon including Nextbit Robin, Moto G4 Plus, and more [Update]

There's nothing quite like the sense of freedom you get from using an unlocked phone. If you don't like your carrier, you can just walk away. Of course, you'll pay more for the phone upfront than if you'd financed it through a carrier. You can save some cash on the phone if you buy it on Amazon in the next 2 days. The retailer is running a huge unlocked phone promotion that includes phones like the Nextbit Robin and Moto G4 Plus.

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LG V10 becomes the next Android phone to support AT&T WiFi Calling

With the almost limitless number of Android devices on the market, the amount supporting WiFi Calling on AT&T is somewhat limited. The first Android device that AT&T allowed into the WiFi calling club was the LG G4, even after the LG G5 had been available on the network for some time.

Aside from the G4, the only other supported devices were various iPhone models, a few recent Samsung flagships, and two other LG phones. Now the LG V10 is joining that list, with a software update pushing out to owners with the new feature.

The update, with a build number of MRA58K, apparently only includes the addition of WiFi calling; sorry if you got your hopes up for a Nougat update.

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As Samsung announces big profits, LG's mobile unit loses $132 million in Q2 due to slow G5 sales

LG's mobile business has regularly been on the knife's edge of profitability over the years, and after last year's lackluster G4, the company likely hoped the more adventurous G5 would help pay the smartphone arm's bills and, perhaps, even deliver a profit to the unit. Unfortunately, according to LG's Q2 2016 fiscal results released today, that effort has not paid off.

LG Mobile reported an operating loss of $132 million for the second quarter, the first full fiscal quarter the G5 was on sale in major markets (it launched April 1st here in the US). This is especially dismal given that it marks only a very modest improvement over LG's Q1 results for its mobile unit, which saw losses of around $168 million.

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Republic Wireless launches new smartphone portfolio today including Nexus 6P, Galaxy S7, Moto G4, and more

For years, Republic Wireless has offered inexpensive plans and interesting WiFi calling features, but the selection of phones was extremely limited. That changes today. After announcing a new GSM network partner and smartphone portfolio, both are live today. You can pick up devices like the Nexus 6P and Galaxy S7 for use on Republic Wireless right now.

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LG G5 review, take 2: Don't judge a very capable book by its unassuming cover

In my surroundings, I am known as the "LG girl." I switched to the brand in 2013 when the G2 was announced and fell in love with the big screen, the great camera, and even LG's own software additions on top of AOSP. I recall showing friends and acquaintances photos I'd taken with the G2 while hiking, flipping the phone to landscape, and telling them to swipe through the pics. "It's like holding only a screen, the bezels disappear," was my own way of explaining why I loved the G2 so much. It never failed to impress.

Then the G3 came along.

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