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LG Continues Pre-Announcing The G4 In Pieces By Detailing Its New 16MP Camera

We're still a few weeks out from LG's leather-clad G4 unveiling, but the company is just so excited it could burst. Or so I assume—LG keeps announcing pieces of the G4 so everyone will talk about it. So, let's just give them what they want and talk about this new 16MP camera module with its super-wide f/1.8 aperture.

LG Innotek's F2.4 16M OIS Camera module(Right), 8M Front-facing Camera module(Left)

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LG Plans To Let 4,000 In 15 Countries Try Out The G4 For 30 Days

Samsung has a hit on its hands with the Galaxy S6. (That's what a complete redesign and finally giving people what they've been wanting for years will do for a brand.) So if in-country rival LG didn't have a fight on its hands before the latest round of flagships was released, it definitely does now.

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[Update: Leather Back Image] LG Posts Official G4 Teaser Trailer Highlighting F1.8 Camera, Confirms Phone Will Be Unveiled April 28th

We more or less knew that LG's April 28th event was going to be for the G4, but now the Korean OEM has come out and said it. The G4 will be revealed in just a few short weeks, but that's almost all we know.

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[Weekend Discussion] What Do You Want To See In LG's Upcoming G4?

Every weekend at Android Police, we try to post a weekend poll where you vote about something we come up with. This weekend, we're changing the formula: let's turn this into a discussion.

Last week, we learned LG was planning a major launch event for a new smartphone later this month. It's the G4 launch - mostly because it couldn't really be anything else (well, it might not be called G4, but we'll see - name changes are always possible).

The G3 was something of an underdog fan-favorite last year, and much the same could be said of the G2.

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LG Announces A New 5.5-Inch 1440p LCD Destined For The G4

LG continued the resolution war last spring when it announced the LG G3 with a 2560x1440 LCD. The display had good sharpness, but the brightness and colors were not great. LG says it has a new and improved 5.5-inch LCD ready to go, and it's going to be used in its "forthcoming flagship smartphone," meaning the G4.


The new panel has the same 1440p resolution for a whopping 538 pixels per inch. LG says the new LCD will have much more vibrant colors with a 120% sRGB color gamut. Contrast will be 50% higher than the G3's panel, and crucially, the brightness has been improved by 30% without an increase in power consumption.

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LG Will Hold A Leather-Themed Event On April 28th, Probably To Announce The G4

Samsung and HTC have already presented their flagships for 2015, and it will soon be LG's turn. The South Korean company just sent out "save the date" emails announcing an event on April 28th. Notice anything interesting? Yep, that looks like leather.


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808s & Snapdragon Heartbreak: LG's G4 May Forego The 810 Drama In Favor Of More Conservative Chipset

We're not in the habit of posting pre-release benchmark results here at Android Police, because they're easy to fake. Really, really easy. But, they also turn out to be legitimate in many cases, because manufacturers and testers do use benchmarking applications on unreleased devices, and perhaps even do so intentionally to drive up hype in the enthusiast community before a launch. Still, the risk of counterfeitery means we generally aren't going to post such things unless we have corroborating evidence, and today, we do - sort of.

A GFXBench result for a device codenamed F500x, AKA the G4, appeared recently with an interesting specification sheet attached - one that did not include a Snapdragon 810.

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LineageOS drops support for 30 devices, including the Redmi Note 3 and Moto G4

The LineageOS custom ROM used to support just about every phone imaginable, but lately the project has been going for quality over quantity. Oreo (15.1) builds have to fulfill stricter requirements to receive official status, and now Lineage is dropping support for 30 unmaintained phones and tablets.

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[Update: Moto G6 promo returns] Project Fi will take $250 off a Pixel 2 XL, or $300 off an LG V35 and G7

Project Fi has been selling select devices at steep discounts lately. Last month, the carrier offered hundreds of dollars of service credit with the purchase of certain LG phones, or $200 off a Pixel 2 XL. Now there are two new deals, including a deeper price cut on the Pixel 2 XL and sales on LG devices.

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LG's bootloader unlock tool now works on some international G7 and V30 models

Some smartphone manufacturers have their own bootloader unlock tools, and LG is one of them. It made its debut back in 2015 with the H815 G4, but it's since added plenty more phones to the roster. Two of the latest phones to join are the G7 and V30, though only the European models are currently supported.

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