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Google's new smart speakers will get Nest Audio branding

Google's next smart speaker has been in the works for a while now — we even have it on video. A teardown of the latest Google Home app has revealed one more new detail about the upcoming replacement for the original Google Home — and it's another step in the plan of moving Google Home products under Nest's wing.

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Woot is selling Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ for just $94 on Amazon

I was always a big fan of the headphone jack — until I found a good pair of wireless earbuds and realized I was living in the past. Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ are one of the best choices when it comes to Bluetooth buds thanks to their stellar battery life and solid sound. Right now, you can grab a brand-new International pair for just $93.99 on Amazon.

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Firefox 81 brings back more features from older codebase, still doesn't support all extensions (APK Download)

Mozilla rolled out the rewritten version of Firefox for Android last month, following over a year of development and various Firefox Preview releases. The update faced some criticism due to interface changes and a lack of support for most third-party extensions, but Mozilla has already pushed one update attempting to improve the new Firefox, and now yet another update is about to roll out.

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AT&T thinks you'll put up with ads in exchange for a cheaper phone bill

You may not have heard of ad-supported phone plans before, but companies have experimented with them since the early 2000s. According to an interview with CEO John Stankey, AT&T is looking into such plans and could announce them in as soon as a year.

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T-Mobile upgrades the 5G experience on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

The state of 5G still isn't great, but it's getting a little bit better today — for owners of Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+ who use T-Mobile as their cell provider, at least. T-Mobile launched its standalone 5G network last month, and now the company is rolling out an update to the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G that enables support for 5G that doesn't need to be anchored to 4G LTE.

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Specs for the US version of the OnePlus Nord have leaked, and they look pretty good

The OnePlus Nord didn't make it stateside at launch, but OnePlus said that a separate model in the Nord line would come to the US down the line. Speaking with an insider source, Android Central has obtained details on this US-model Nord, dubbed the Nord N10 5G.

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Grab a brand-new, unlocked Galaxy S20+ 5G with 12GB of RAM for $900 from eBay

Samsung released the Galaxy S20+ 5G earlier this year, but you probably didn't buy one. The 6.7" device is equipped with a Quad HD+ 120hz Display, 4500mAh of battery power, and Space Zoom — so it's understandably expensive. But right now, you can pick up a brand new US variant S20+ 5G from Microsoft's eBay Outlet Store for $899.99.

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The Google Home app has a new 'presence sensing' feature — here's what it does

The Google Home app is core to how you control and interact with dozens of different devices, so it's understandably one of Google's most feature-packed applications. Now it's only getting more interesting with version 2.28, as the new update hints at the upcoming rebranding of Android TV, as well as adds some new features surrounding routines and home presence-sensing that were teased earlier this year.

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Camera-focused Samsung Galaxy F phones coming to India, starting with Galaxy F41

Most budget and mid-range phones don't usually have the most impressive camera setups, but Samsung is looking to change that — at least in the Indian market. 91mobiles is reporting that the Korean tech giant is set to launch a camera-centric Galaxy F series of phones very soon.

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Google makes local shopping easier with new features

We're all looking for ways to stay safe while we're out and about these days. You're masked up, you've got your sanitizer, and you're in and out of the store as quick as you can be. Wouldn't it be better if you could do it even faster, though? In another update to its Shopping tab, Google has introduced some safety-geared features to help you do just that.

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