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Unsurprisingly, DisplayMate says the Galaxy S20 Ultra has the best OLED ever (Updated)Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Some things are just inevitable. The tides go in, the tides go out. Sunrise, sunset. Samsung releases a new phone, and it has a slightly better OLED than the last one. It's an inescapable truth, confirmed again thanks to DisplayMate. The new display king is, of course, the Galaxy Note 10+ S20 Ultra.

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30 temporarily free and 47 on-sale apps and games for Monday

Welcome to Monday, everyone. I absolutely love it whenever I can start the week off with a bang, and today is one such day. Not only are all of the Goat Simulator titles on sale, Baldur's Gate II makes an appearance for half-off, and Orange Pixel's Meganoid is more than half-off, and it's easily one of the better randomly-generated platformers on the Play Store. As always, I've highlighted the more interesting titles in bold to make discory easier. So without further ado, here are 30 temporarily free and 47 on-sale apps and games for the beginning of the week.

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The most repairable Android phones you can buyNot every phone is a nightmare of glue and glass

Owning the latest and greatest smartphone on the block is exhilarating, but the moment something on it breaks and needs a repair, the last thing on your mind is how fast the processor is. Instead, you’ll ask yourself: Can I fix this?

Your phone is going to need repairs at some point; it’s a fact of life. You’ll likely drop it and shatter the display, and the battery will need replaced after a couple of years, because they degrade over time. If repairability is important to you, here are the most repairable Android smartphones on the market.

Craig Lloyd is a technical writer and teardown engineer at iFixit.

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How to get the best Stadia experienceCloud gaming can be complicated

Stadia is an incredible proof of concept under ideal circumstances, but the delta between the best and worst game streaming experience can be huge: a crappy connection can introduce input lag hamper visual fidelity. If your gameplay is feeling sluggish, there are a number of things you can try to improve your situation — and depending on how tech-savvy you are, they may not all be obvious.

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Chrome may let you choose between saving passwords locally or syncing to your Google accountSync your Netflix key, but maybe keep that PornHub account on the phone

There are plenty of ways to manage your passwords — Android Police has our own ways — and one of them is to trust Google Chrome with your precious authentication phrases. The browser recently started tracking data leaks for passwords and now, we're learning about an upcoming feature that will let users choose which passwords to sync to their Google accounts for convenience and which to keep to specific devices for increased security.

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Excellent writing app JotterPad switches to subscriptions for cloud sync, ignores users who paid for one-time unlockNo communication, no warning — stop me if you've heard this one before

I love writing anything and everything, and since I get tons of ideas when I only have my phone with me, I need an excellent writing app on my phone. For more than 6 years, I've used JotterPad, Android's best writing app, to do so. I've sung the app's praises in 2014, was still enamored with it in 2018, and still can't find a decent replacement to it in 2020. So yes, this article is personal, and I'm fuming because JotterPad switched to a subscription model for cloud sync without a single warning or any clear communication to its existing users who paid for a one-time unlock.

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Privacy-focused messenger Signal is ready to go mainstream and take on WhatsAppIt grew its team from 3 to 20 thanks to a $50 million investment from one of WhatsApp's co-founders

Signal is universally praised as one of the most simple-to-use secure messaging apps and is endorsed by security experts around the world. However, the service's user numbers pale against popular alternatives such as Facebook's WhatsApp or Messenger — even Telegram has a bigger following according to Play Store download numbers. Wired reports that Signal is working hard to change that, as the foundation could raise its number of employees from 3 to 20 following a $50 million infusion from WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton in 2018.

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The Google app's dark mode should now be available to all beta usersGoogle claims it's there for all, whether you're on Android 10 or below

The dark mode rollout was a pretty smooth experience for some of Google's apps, which received a single update with a new toggle for dark/light/automatic theme and that was the end of it. For other apps, it's been a rollercoaster of updates, rollbacks, server-side switches, and inconsistent experiences across Android versions and phone brands. Google's search app is one of the latter, but the company now claims dark theme is available to everyone on the app's beta channel.

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Galaxy Z Flip teardown confirms fragile glass display beneath protective plastic layerIt is glass, but it's not exactly durable

Since JerryRigEverything's Zach took his picks to the Galaxy Z Flip, there's been a lot of debate around the web concerning Samsung's claim that it's using an ultra-thin layer of glass in the folding phone's display. Thanks to a new teardown by PBKreviews on YouTube, we now have confirmation that there is indeed a sheet of flexible glass in the Z Flip, but it's not as durable as you might hope.

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