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YouTube Music is rolling out lyrics on the web client

If you feel like YouTube Music (YTM) has been adding a new feature every other day, you're not mistaken. With Google Play Music going the way of the dodo soon, YTM has gone into overdrive to match it as much as possible before it's deprecation time. The latest addition is lyrics support on the web client.

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Gboard is about to get a new look on Android

Google has been working on a Gboard redesign for more than two months now, and it looks like the company is finally starting to roll it out to the first few beta testers currently using version 9.8.07 of the app. The new look trades the Roboto font for Product Sans and fits the latest revisions to Google's Material Theme much better.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 review: Bang-up budget band

Xiaomi's Mi Band series has won fans by offering a lot of fitness features for not a lot of money. That formula isn't changing with the latest entry, the Mi Band 5. It looks almost identical to its predecessors but makes some notable improvements: There's finally magnetic charging so you don't have to pry the device out of the band anymore, the screen is a little bigger, and the tracking is a bit more accurate.

The Mi Band 5 might not compete with high-end trackers and smartwatches from Garmin or Fitbit, but it doesn’t have to. At €40/$50, it gives you a chance to try continuous fitness tracking and notification mirroring without breaking the bank.

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U.S. government bans TikTok and WeChat starting Sunday

The U.S. government threatened to ban TikTok and WeChat if no suitable U.S. company bought it, and even though TikTok and Oracle just recently signed a deal as "trusted tech partners," that apparently wasn't enough. The U.S. Commerce Department today shared that TikTok and WeChat will not be available for download from U.S. app stores anymore starting Sunday, September 20, confirming the initial announcement on August 6.

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Paytm is back up on the Play Store within hours of its takedown

Paytm is One97's flagship and one of India’s biggest all-round financial services apps — and perhaps even the most widely recognized and accepted in the country. Many Paytm users were left perplexed when the noted app went missing from the Play Store earlier today. As it turns out, Google has pulled the app from its marketplace for violating some of its gambling-related policies.

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YouTube is removing the button that deleted duplicate videos from playlists

YouTube has been busy lately cooking up the latest TikTok competitor, but not so busy it couldn't find time to kill off some features. The company recently announced that a number of playlist-related features will soon be discontinued, including video notes, auto-add, and the "remove duplicates" button.

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Mozilla is killing two of its most useful products and it's pretty upsetting

Last month brought some distressing news for Mozilla fans, as the company announced a restructuring that will see massive cuts that threaten current products like Firefox. Now we're seeing some of the first results coming from Mozilla's new focus on making more money: Firefox Send and Notes are being killed off.

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I'm scared of Roomba's new AI-powered robot vacuum

As our phones continue gaining new AI-powered features like Google Duplex and kiss detection, it was only a matter of time before our vacuums followed suit. The company behind Roomba, iRobot, is introducing its new Roomba i3+ today, and it's a vacuum that can "evolve and get smarter over time." That's cool, but — excuse me while I go barricade my door in preparation for the robotic vacuum uprising.

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Android 11's new media controls remain buggy in public release

The final release of Android 11 earlier this month brought a ton of new features and improvements, but there was bound to be a bug or two with so many changes. The new media controls make the audio-listening experience a lot nicer, but they're still in need of some polish: some apps with currently playing audio can't be controlled unless you expand the quick settings panel.

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Individual users won't face penalties under Trump's WeChat ban

As part of the Trump administration's crackdown on Chinese apps, the US government is set to ban all transactions with Tencent, the owner of WeChat, beginning on September 20. As that deadline approaches, the US Justice Department has issued a filing clarifying that it does not plan to penalize individual WeChat users themselves as part of the ban.

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