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Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $299.99

Zynga's upcoming Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells match-3 game now has a trailer

Zynga has officially announced that it's working on a Harry Potter match-3 game for mobile. This game is called Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, and of course, Zynga has yet to share a single screenshot or video of the title. Paradoxically Zynga has noted that the game is already available as a soft-launch release in the Philippines, which means the studio is already publicly testing the title, which begs the question as to why there are zero screenshots or videos shared with today's announcement. Could it be that Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is such a shallow cash grab that it's in the developer's best interest to hide what the game looks like before an official worldwide release?

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How to restore deleted contacts in Google Contacts

You may know the dread of checking your contacts only to find that some (or all) of them have been deleted. And it’s a real pain to try to piece that information back together. Fortunately for those who use Google Contacts, all hope is not lost. You can, in fact, restore your contacts within 30 days of losing them. The downside is that the process is pretty ham-fisted, devoid of details such as which contacts are actually missing.

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Google Lens might soon introduce a more advanced math equation solver

Google Lens is an incredibly powerful tool already — just point your camera at an object of interest around you and it'll offer you search results depending on what it recognizes. It also makes text it sees machine-readable, letting you call phone numbers and solve simple math problems. Google is apparently looking to expand the latter capability, as APK teardowns conducted by XDA Developers and 9to5Google have found. You might soon be able to point your phone at math problems and get some help to solve for x.

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How to free up storage space on your Android phone

It seems that all the growing smartphone storage has done over the years, we still manage to accumulate just enough stuff to challenge the limits. Whether your phone has 32GB of storage of 128GB, it's totally normal and very easy to push right up against the edge of filling it up without even really trying. There are ways to mitigate this, though, and some of them are more effective than you might think, especially as more and more apps store unnecessarily large amounts of data on your phone locally.

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How to back up your Android phone's data before a factory reset

While many of us keep a lot of our personal data in the cloud on various services like Dropbox, Gmail, and Google Photos, or consume our media through streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube, there's bound to be some personal data stored locally on your phone you might want to keep before conducting a factory reset on it. Whether you're preparing to sell your phone, giving it a wipe to speed it back up again, or are fixing a broken device, here are a few steps you can take to ensure you preserve the most amount of data possible.

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Pushbullet's Chrome extension approved after nebulous Chrome Web Store policy violations

We haven't heard a lot from Pushbullet lately, but it's still out there mirroring notifications and flinging data between devices. It almost had to stop, though. Google threatened to remove the Pushbullet extension from the Chrome Web Store, but it didn't explain why. As a result, the developers had to scramble to address Google's concerns... whatever those were. After a little helpful prodding, Google has accepted Pushbullet's updated extension.

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Facebook Messenger Rooms brings its group-call experience to users around the world

Video calls have become an important way to stay in touch with friends and family during this time of isolation. There's already plenty to choose from, but now Facebook is giving us something new to consider as Messenger Rooms rolls out across the globe.

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Verizon LG V60 sale offers the cheapest Snapdragon 865 phone you can get

It costs much to own a smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 inside — some would say too much — and it doesn't look as if prices will tide off soon. But if you're hungry for a spec upgrade and are willing to jump hoops for it, you can get an LG V60 with complimentary Dual Screen case for $550 if you start a new line on Verizon and as low as free if you trade in a phone.

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Anker Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker drops to all-time low for Amazon one-day sale ($15 off)

Sure, Bluetooth speakers have gotten much cheaper over the last couple of years, and shoppers have more choices than ever when deciding which one to buy. However, you'll find significantly fewer options once you start adding on features like water-resistance, NFC pairing, and a built-in power bank. If you'd like your next speaker to have any, or all, of these features, you'll want to check out the Anker Soundcore Boost. Right now, you can pick one up as part of Amazon's latest Deal of the Day for an all-time low of $44.99, saving yourself $15 in the process.

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Swappa's new Repair Network maps your local repair shops, skipping the sketchy ones

Swappa is one of the best places to sell phones, tablets, game consoles, laptops, and certain other types of electronics. However, there are times when repairing your existing device is preferable to selling it, which is where Swappa's new Repair Network comes in.

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