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Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold2 packs a bigger 120Hz folding glass screen, Snapdragon 865+, and more

After endless leaks and the company's own teasing, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold2 at its "Unpacked Part 2" event today. The successor to last year's Galaxy Fold packs plenty of improvements over the revamped and re-released original, including a more durable design, a folding glass and polymer display, a faster chipset, and bigger screens both inside and out. Those hoping to jump into foldables with this new generation will need to double-check their savings accounts, though, as the Z Fold2 comes in a wallet-destroying $1,999, with pre-orders opening tomorrow at 12:01 AM on September 2nd ahead of general availability on September 18th.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch3 review: A good smartwatch with a bad early adopter tax

Samsung released the Galaxy Watch in 2018, a sequel to the earlier Gear S3, for everyone who wanted a smartwatch resembling a traditional timepiece. It was followed up by the sporty Watch Active and Watch Active2, but some fans were left disappointing by the more modern design. At long last, the Galaxy Watch3 is here — no, you didn't miss anything, Samsung skipped #2.

The Galaxy Watch3 is the best smartwatch Samsung has made yet, and as a result, it's probably the best smartwatch you can pair with an Android phone. However, the $400 starting price is laughable, considering the smallest Watch Active2 costs $230 right now, and many of the unique health features don't work in the United States.

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The Asus Zenfone 7 comes with a 3-lens flip camera and a 5,000mAh battery

Asus landed a surprise hit with the Zenfone 6 last year, combining a clean build of Android with an affordable price tag and a unique flip camera. This year, the company wanted to build on the momentum it gained with its special device and went all-in on its custom camera arrangement with two new Zenfone 7 devices, both now housing three lenses. The upgrade to a 90Hz AMOLED panel is also more than welcome.

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Shatter-resistant smartphone glass may finally be here

There have been several iterations of Corning Gorilla Glass in the past years, and Gorilla Glass Victus is the latest to hit the market. Not much has changed between Gorilla Glass iterations in the past few years, so we didn't expect a whole lot new from Victus, but PhoneBuff's Galaxy Note20 Ultra drop tests have proven Victus to be surprisingly sturdy.

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Galaxy Note20 Ultra holds up well against JerryRigEverything's wrath

Samsung usually launches the latest Galaxy Note phones in August, and this year was no different. Like with the Note10 series, there are two Galaxy Note20 variants: the Note20 and Note20 Ultra. In this video, Zack of JerryRigEverything gets his hands on the Ultra model, with no legitimate flaws revealing themselves.

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Google Pixel 4a review, two weeks later: All the phone you need, none of what you don't

The Pixel 3a debuted at Google I/O 2019, and it was closer to budget smartphone nirvana than any phone in the US that came before it. That was, until Apple responded with the iPhone SE. The Pixel 4a is Google's counterpunch, and while many would argue it's an apples to oranges (or Pixels) comparison, I think the Pixel 4a actually comes out on top of the iPhone SE in a lot of important ways.

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Acer Chromebook Spin 713, two months later: The best premium Chromebook

For the first few years, Chromebooks were only worth buying if they were cheap as dirt. As Chrome OS has improved, so has the hardware. While Chrome OS is still more limited than Windows or macOS, there's an argument to be made for a nicer piece of hardware running Google's software. Not too nice, though. Chromebooks like the Pixelbook or Galaxy Chromebook are too expensive to be genuinely competitive. The Spin 713, on the other hand, is priced just right.

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Xiaomi Redmi 9 review: Entry-level (almost) done right

While flagships are getting ever more expensive, midrange and entry-level phones are giving us ever better hardware at the same affordable prices. The Xiaomi Redmi 9 is no exception and offers great value at €150 (or ₹10,000 as the Redmi 9 Prime in India). If Xiaomi had invested more in a better processor and less in the heavily-marketed but poorly executed quad-camera setup, I could recommend this phone with no reservations. As it stands, this phone is still a good option for some people.

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Dell reveals two new Latitude Chromebooks with 10th-gen Intel Core processors

Dell has been producing Chromebooks for years, though most of them have been focused on corporate deployments rather than use by individuals. Today the company revealed its new Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise lineup, which includes a traditional laptop and a 2-in-1. Like the majority of Dell's Chromebooks, they are being targeted at business use, but will also be available through direct sales channels.

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Pixel 4 vs Pixel 4a: $450 cheaper, but not $450 worse

The Pixel 4a is hands down a winner, even when stacked up against the already great Pixel 3a from 2019. We gave Google's new budget phone a glowing review, and there are ample reasons why. But at $350, you may be wondering how it compared to the premium Pixel 4, a phone costing more than twice as much ($800). Is there really $450 more smartphone in Google's high-end Pixel? We really don't think so, even when you're just comparing spec tables. But when you get down to the raw experience, the comparison is even more favorable to the 4a: this isn't just a great phone for the money, it's a great phone, no asterisk necessary.

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