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Early Galaxy Note10 deals offer at least $120 off global models

If you, dear U.S. reader, are looking to purchase a Galaxy Note10 or Note10+, but don't want to be beholden to your carrier for a device payment contract or even to the power of Qualcomm processing, you'll likely be dredging the gray market for your Samsung phablet. Well, reputable eBay seller never-msrp will be happy to sell you a Note intended for Asian or European markets right now, and at a good discount, too. Just beware of the small details.

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This $140 wireless charging pad has 16 coils and can fast charge two phones at once

Wireless chargers use a big coil to create the field that actually charges your device, which is why placing your phone in just the right spot is usually necessary. Some chargers use multiple coils to increase the working area of the charger, but the new Zens Liberty sports a ridiculous 16-coil configuration that can charge up to two devices at once in any position, with up to 15W of output each. The company is even taking that level of overkill just a little bit further by offering a special edition model with a glass top so you can see all 16 coils.

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Anker's feature-packed 500-lumen Nebula Mars II Pro projector is $120 off at Amazon ($480)

Portable projectors are great for impromptu screenings, and you'll probably want one that's bright and has a robust battery. The Anker Nebula Mars II Pro ticks those boxes, plus it runs Android apps to boot. But it doesn't come cheap, with a sticker price just shy of $600. Thanks to a couple of stacking discounts, though, you can nab one for $120 off today.

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[Update: Resurrected with new look] Google Maps is testing a floating scrolling bar of category searches

Google is always trying new things with the Maps app's interface, moving items from the side menu to the floating layers button, implementing different designs of the bottom bar in various regions, and lately just dabbling with more and more changes that fall in line with the new Material Design looks. And now we have a new change: a scrolling floating bar of category searches is showing up on the top of the screen.

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Arlo Ultra 4K wireless security cameras are up to $56 off

When we reviewed the Arlo Ultra, we were impressed by its video quality and battery life, but found its price to be very steep. Thankfully, the product is now on sale, down to $546 ($54 off) for a two-pack, or $756 ($44) for three cameras.

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LG revamping SmartThinQ app with Google Assistant voice commands for your fridge

LG is getting set to roll out an update to its SmartThinQ app that could change the way people use its smart home appliances: it will incorporate Google Assistant to recognize vocal commands for its Wi-Fi enabled laundry machines, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and other devices.

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Samsung Galaxy Note10 arrives, officially available at most carriers and retailers

Today is the Galaxy Note 10's official release date, with "pre-order" flipping over to "buy" at most websites. With the formal release, many of the early promotional offers are gone, though you can still snag up to $600 off with a recent trade-in via Samsung, and some carriers are still running their own discounts and trade-in programs. While in-store retailer and carrier availability may vary, the Note10 is now available and listed as "in stock" in most places.

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SimpleRockets 2 is coming to Android, and you can pre-register right now

SimpleRockets 2 recently arrived on the Play Store as a pre-registration listing. It comes from Jundroo, the same developer behind the successful simulation games SimpleRockets and SimplePlanes. Currently, SimpleRockets 2 is available on Steam as an early-access release, but the recent pre-reg listing on the Play Store should mean that we can expect the rocket space sim to land on Android sometime soon.

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The unlocked Galaxy Note9 is as low as $745 on Amazon, 512GB version hits lowest price ever at $805

With the recent announcement of the Note10, it was obvious the previous generation's price would drop substantially. And it just did, as the Note9 is now as low as $745 for the 128GB version, or $805 for the 512GB one. These are unlocked US versions, so you don't have to worry about carrier compatibility or warranty.

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Samsung releases DeX desktop app for use with the Galaxy Note10

Earlier this month, we reported Samsung DeX would support a new mode that lets you run it as a window on your desktop. Naturally, in order to achieve this, you would need to install a dedicated app on your computer, which wasn't available until today. Samsung just released it on its site, and you can now download it for Windows and macOS.

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