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[Update: No DSLR hardware] Pixel 4 specs leak: 90Hz "Smooth Display," 6GB RAM

Google doesn't pride the Pixel phones on being spec-forward, at least in terms of superlatives, but when it comes to digging up more tidbits on what the Pixel 4 and 4 XL have, those numbers and details do help us set the table for what to expect. Now, we're learning more about some key upgrades (and downgrades) to the battery, display, RAM, and cameras on the future phones.

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The snazzy Harman Kardon Soho Wireless on-ear headphones are a whopping $180 off ($70)

Harman Kardon's Soho Wireless headphones are a rare bird: stylish, high-end, on-ear Bluetooth headphones. On-ears sit flat on the ear, rather than over it. They're something of an underrepresented form factor, but some people prefer it. If you're one of those people, this one's for you: the Soho are currently more than 70 percent off at just $70 with a coupon code.

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Unsurprisingly, DisplayMate says the Galaxy Note 10+ has the best OLED ever

Some things are just inevitable. The tides go in, the tides go out. Sunrise, sunset. Samsung releases a new phone, and it has a slightly better OLED than the last one. It's an inescapable truth, confirmed again thanks to DisplayMate. The new display king is, of course, the Galaxy Note 10+.

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SMS Backup+ is now broken due to Gmail's API changes, but there's a workaround

Over the last week or so, the popular SMS to Gmail backup application SMS Backup+ has finally stopped working as a result of Google's Gmail API changes. When messages regarding the app's impending loss of functionality were sent out a few months back, our readers were understandably upset. After all, over five million people use SMS Backup+, and not just for backups, but for moving messages between devices and the convenience of Gmail-based threaded conversation view. Thankfully, SMS Backup+ has an IMAP-based workaround which still works.

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Samsung announces mid-range Galaxy A10s packing a 4,000 mAh battery

Samsung makes some of the priciest Android phones you can buy, but the company also offers surprisingly robust lower-end offerings. Earlier this year, it released the Galaxy A10, a decidedly budget offering. Today, it published specs for an improved "s" model — well, some of them, anyway.

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Google Pay drops support for Visa Checkout ahead of planned shutdown in 2020

Back in 2017, when Google Pay was still called Android Pay, it integrated with PayPal competitor Visa Checkout. This allowed you to use data from Google's payment service anywhere Visa Checkout was supported. Last week, Visa announced that it's shutting down the service in 2020 and Google is removing support for it.

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Google’s blocking of phone repair ads is pushing customers towards more expensive first-party services

With modern smartphones consisting mainly of glass and metal, accidental drops can easily lead to shattered screens and most people affected then use Google to search for repair options. The problem is, ever since the Wall Street Journal uncovered a bunch of fraudulent advertisements back in August 2018, Google has blocked numerous ads for third-party hardware repairs. These service providers then see reduced revenue as consumers are inadvertently pushed towards expensive first-party repairs instead. According to a new report by Engadget, they are understandably pretty peeved.

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[Update: Now $399] Prime Exclusive LG V35 ThinQ on sale at all-time low of $499 ($151 off)

LG had this bad streak last year in trying to spin the V30 ThinQ in as many different variants as possible. One of them was the V35 ThinQ, originally a $900 AT&T exclusive before it eventually hopped over to Amazon as a Prime Exclusive. If you, a Prime member, happen to desire a V35 for some reason, Amazon's gotten into some tempting as the phone is on a big discount right now.

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Heads up: Play Services 18.3.82 has a battery drain problem

Google Play Services is both a blessing and a curse. Over the years, the software has become the essential motor driving Android devices, with a lot of former system APIs being transferred to the all-encompassing software. Push notifications, background operations, fast GPS functionality, and more are bundled within the application. Unfortunately, this means that any bugs with Play Services will affect almost all devices running a Google-sanctioned version of Android. Such a bug has surfaced with the latest update to version number 18.3.82, which churns through standby battery regardless of which phone you're using.

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Should you buy an Android tablet in 2019?

Android tablets have become sort of a joke in the tech sphere — there are no good apps is the refrain. And, well, that's sort of true: Android's tablet applications generally aren't as robust as those available on other platforms. Even so, tablets as a form factor are unparalleled for casual media consumption, and if Android is your operating system of choice (and since you're reading this, I'll guess that it is), there are plenty of interesting hardware choices.

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