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[Update: Fixed in DP2] Some Pixel 2 and 2 XL units are having audio issues when recording video

Pixel 2 problems seem to be compounding on one another in recent days. Next up to the bug-bat is audio. Specifically, it appears that the Pixel 2 XL's sound quality when recording a video leaves a whole lot to be desired. Our own Artem put together a stunning example that demonstrates the issue with the sound of running water, and it's a screeching mess. 

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Android 8.1 feature spotlight: Ambient Display now has the date and an upcoming alarm

Google made some big changes to Ambient Display in 8.0, not all of which made people happy. It was a very minimal interface, rather than being a monochrome version of the lock screen. In Android 8.1, Google is adding a few new elements to Ambient Display, but it's still keeping the minimal vibe.

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One man's Verizon Pixel 2 came with packaging and literature meant for included Pixel Buds-style wired earphones

Like many flagship phones, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL aren't cheap. But while companies like Samsung and Apple try to make you feel a little better about your $700-1000 purchase by including a pair of earphones in the box, Google doesn't. However, some seemingly preproduction packaging that one guy got inside his Verizon Pixel 2's box indicates that Google had at least been seriously considering it.

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Google Home game lets you talk to the Upside Down in Stranger Things

If you're a fan of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things and you own a Google Home speaker, then Google has got a fun little surprise in store for you. In celebration of today's release of the show's second season, Google has partnered up with Netflix to create a game fans can play with their Google Home and communicate directly with the Upside Down.

To begin playing, all you have to do is say, "Ok Google, talk to Dustin from Stranger Things," and your Google Home or Google Home Mini will turn into a walkie-talkie with a direct connection to the show's alternate dimension.

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Portrait mode is failing randomly for some Pixel 2 XLs when used in succession with burst mode

Portrait mode is one of the things I'm most looking forward to trying on my Panda Pixel 2 XL — at least, when it finally ships sometime around Christmas. But it would appear that it might be bugging out in some circumstances. For some, photos taken in portrait mode are inexplicably registering as burst photos without any of the portrait mode magic being applied to them. 

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Amazon's new 4K Fire TV is now shipping, but early reviews aren't all positive

Last month, Amazon announced a ton of new products, including a new Fire TV. While the new design and 4K capabilities are the main selling points, there are a few software improvements as well. Now the device is shipping to customers, and you can buy it for $69.99 from Amazon.

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Samsung fires shots at Google with new 'Screen Reviews' commercial

It's not often we see tech companies throw shade at each other, at least outside of the usual cell network advertisements. The Pixel 2 XL has been receiving some negative publicity lately regarding its display issues, and Samsung has taken up the opportunity to subtly make fun of it in a new commercial.

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Instagram adds new 'Superzoom' mode and Halloween face filters

Instagram has added quite a few new features in the past few months. Just three days ago, the company added the ability to livestream with a friend. Now the app has a new recording mode, called 'Superzoom,' as well as some Halloween-themed filters and stickers.

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Google says recurring reminders on Android Wear are fixed (again)

The saga of recurring reminders on Android Wear has been a long and dramatic one. For the uninitiated, some saw their recurring reminders on Android Wear being regularly marked as done and disappearing without having seen them. First, it was broken, then it was fixed, then it wasn't actually fixed. But today it's fixed. Again. Probably. We'll see.

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Chrome Beta 63 adds new flags page, changes to Chrome Home UI, and more [APK Download]

Chrome 62 was released a week ago, and as always, that means the next release has moved to beta. Chrome Beta 63 includes a massive number of changes, including the finishing touches for Chrome Home, a brand new flags page, new options for web apps, and more.

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