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The 'Check for update' button on Pixel/Nexus devices still isn't pulling the latest OTAs as promised, but it'll be fixed in 2018

There was much celebration in the Android Police virtual HQ earlier this year when Googler Elliott Hughes revealed that the much-maligned "Check for update" button was getting an overhaul. After so many pointless presses, this button would finally do something on Pixel and Nexus devices. If there was an update available, the button would download it. However, this feature still isn't working. According to Hughes, the bug that broke this feature will be fixed in early 2018.

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Xiaomi Redmi 5 and 5 Plus come with 18:9 displays, big batteries, and prices starting at 799 CNY ($121 USD)

Few tech companies offer better bang for the buck than Xiaomi. That trend continues with the Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus, which were just announced. Both the 5 and 5 Plus sport 18:9 displays with rounded corners, larger-than-average batteries, and low, low prices. These phones are virtually indistinguishable from flagships on the exterior, and the internals aren't half-bad either.

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Google Contacts v2.4 readies multi-SIM support and prepares a new suggestion to fix nameless contacts [APK Teardown]

A new version of Google Contacts came out yesterday, but it unfortunately doesn't seem to solve the recent issue with contact syncing that some Oreo users are reporting. This update appears to mostly fix bugs, but it does come with a couple of minor tweaks and some preparation for new feature additions in the future.

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Google is pushing final 8.1 OTA updates to Pixel 2 and 2 XL devices on the beta

Android 8.1 Oreo is final just a few weeks after the second developer preview rolled out. You can get the system images and OTA files for manual installation, and OTAs are hitting phones running 8.0. That's not all—devices in the developer preview that were running DP2 are also seeing an OTA update today.

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[Update: YouTube too] Google switches to white nav bar in Chrome 65 (Canary) and Google Photos

The navigation bar on Google devices has been black since time immemorial, but that's starting to change. In both Chrome and Google Photos, the navigation bar has switched to white with black navigation buttons. It's just those apps so far (and the Chrome change is in Canary), but maybe this is only the beginning.

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OnePlus 5T OxygenOS 4.7.4 OTA rolling out now with camera improvements and bugfixes

The OnePlus 5T was only launched a few weeks ago, and already it's breaking all the company's sales records. It might be breaking update records, too, as today marks the 2nd update to the device in less than a month. OxygenOS 4.7.4 is rolling out to the company's latest flagship as we speak, bringing with it camera improvements, bugfixes, and piles of optimizations. 

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Qualcomm wants to make headphone dongles sound better by giving them Hi-Fi DACs

Headphone jacks are on the way out, and Qualcomm is looking to cash in on the situation - while also possibly making your headphones sound less bad over USB-C.

As you know, most smartphones shipping without 3.5mm jacks do come with USB-C dongles to act as adapters for the traditional analog port. Most of those phones don't even contain a headphone amplifier at all, though (to save space and money), so those pieces actually go inside the dongle instead of the phone. The problem, unfortunately, is that some of these dongles just don't sound very good. Qualcomm wants to change that, and it's created a part called the AQT1000 to address it.

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Chase app update adds ability to request new cards, prevent card blocks when traveling, and more

Mobile banking is great. You can deposit checks and move money around, all without having to go to a physical bank location. Chase is now adding even more features to its app, including the ability to request new cards when they're lost or stolen and to prevent card blocks when you travel.

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[Update: More carriers in Latin America] RCS messaging coming to Telia subscribers in Sweden

Just over 25 years ago, the first text message was sent. Not all technology can last a quarter of a century, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. RCS is the cloud-powered standard designed to eventually replace SMS, but adoption has been slow. The next carrier to support the technology isn't Verizon, or AT&T, or T-Mobile - it's one that operates in northern Europe.

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Contacts sync is breaking on some devices running Android Oreo

One of the most basic and convenient features of life in Google's ecosystem is contacts sync. From email to phone numbers and Google+ profiles, you know that whatever platform you are on, you'll be able to reach out to the people you need to with a minimum of fuss. But for some this essential feature isn't working correctly, and contacts aren't being successfully synced to their Oreo-powered Android devices.

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