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T-Mobile strikes $3.5 billion 5G deal with Ericsson, matching recent Nokia investment

Now that the 5G standards are complete (both standalone and the kind that piggybacks on LTE), American carriers are rushing to pump up the hype ahead of initial trials and deployments. For T-Mobile, that means announcing a new $3.5 billion investment in 5G with Swedish supplier Ericsson a mere week and a half after announcing a deal of the same dollar amount with Finland-based Nokia. In total, that's a whopping $7 billion. 

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CTL NL7TW-360 review: A decent Chromebook for clumsy students

CTL is virtually unknown in the consumer market, but the company has been manufacturing computers for schools and government facilities since 1989. It now mainly focuses on Chrome OS devices, like the Chromebox we previously reviewed.

The 'NL7TW-360' (excellent name, I know) is CTL's latest education-focused Chromebook. It has an 11.6-inch touch screen with Wacom stylus support, a durable 2-in-1 design, a water-resistant keyboard, and plenty of ports.

There is no shortage of durable Chromebooks designed for classrooms, like the Lenovo N22, Asus C213SA, and Acer 11 N7. CTL's newest entry is definitely a decent product with a competitive price, but it only makes sense if you absolutely need a tough Chromebook.

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Nest Secure now lets you enable motion sensors while you're at home

Nest Secure launched last year with a hefty price tag and slick operation, but it was a little lacking in features. Nest has dropped the price and pushed out feature updates to address user concerns, but one notable omission has escaped Nest's attention until now. In the latest version of the Nest app, you can finally enable motion detection while you're at home.

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New Google Express stores keep piling up, as retailer growth spurt continues

Google has a massive battle ahead of itself if it seriously hopes to compete in the online-shopping game against the likes of Amazon. Honestly, it may already be a lost cause, but don't tell Google that — the company's been signing up new Google Express retail partners by the dozens. A few weeks back we shared with you a new group of stores popping up on the service, and now we've got a bunch more, all eager to align themselves with Google's retail experiment.

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[Update: Winners] We're giving away 5 Speck case bundles ($135 value) for your Galaxy Note9 [International]

If you're going to invest amounts that can exceed $1000 in your phone, the least you can do is protect it. One of the most cost effective insurance policies is a good case. Thanks to our friends at Speck, that policy will be more than cheap for 5 of you: it will be free.

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Bolt is Sphero's most advanced educational robot yet, retails for $150

Sphero is known for creating both educational and recreational robots in a variety of different forms. The original Sphero was a robotic ball, and the company has since released movie tie-ins and numerous upgrades. Bolt is something of a modern-day reimagining of the company's very first product.

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[Update: Google Photos API generally available] Google launches Google Photos partner program

Google introduced a program today that will allow developers to integrate Google Photos into their services. The program includes an API that lets third-party services use some of the features Google Photos offers, such as the platform's powerful search functionality.

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Google's new USB-C headphone adapter promises lower latency and longer playback on Pixel phones

Google got in the headphone dongle business when the Pixel 2 infamously axed the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack after Google made a big to-do about Apple's recent iPhone's doing the same thing in its reveal of the original Pixel the preceding year. The company has now quietly refreshed its headphone adapter, with its listing on the Google Store claiming the improved dongle provides 53 percent lower latency and 38 percent longer playback time than its predecessor.

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Network file shares now enabled by default in Chrome OS Canary channel

As of the latest Canary build (v70), Chrome OS now has network file shares enabled by default. SMB sharing was previously possible via a flag that was added back in March, although it was quite unstable at that time. It should hopefully perform better now, allowing you to add a file share service such as Samba.

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