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Allo v22 is testing streamlined new chat UI, preparing to add transcriptions for audio messages and new camera effects [APK Teardown]

Releasing an app update just before the start of the weekend is always a bit risky, but here we have an update to Allo v22 that shows that's just how those developers play the game. On the other hand, this looks like a pretty calm update; the only thing jumping out so far is a streamlined UI for setting up solo and group chats. A teardown also brings up some clues about enhancements coming in the future, including transcriptions for audio messages and new camera effects.

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T-Mobile and Sprint publicly end merger talks

What a roller coaster the past two months have been. T-Mobile and Sprint were first reported to be in merger talks in late August, with an announcement planned for the end of October. Everything seemed to be going well, but Sprint eventually pulled out due to ownership concerns. The combined carrier would have been majority owned by T-Mobile's parent company, which SoftBank and Sprint weren't happy about.

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HDR in YouTube app now maxes out at 1080p

Back in September, Google added the ability to play HDR content to the YouTube Android app. It's still only available to a handful of devices, but even on those, many noticed performance issues on higher resolutions. Especially at 1440p, videos often stuttered with dropped frames.

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Google serves 'Android Burger' for lunch in company cafeteria, stays true to its emoji and keeps the cheese below the patty

Last week, a tweet from a Danish media analyst contrasting Google and Apple's hamburger emoji designs set the internet ablaze. Google's take on the emoji, which places the cheese below the patty, drew the ire of many. Less than 12 hours later, Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded, reassuring everyone that the company would address the matter immediately. While the world waits to see whether Google changes (some would say, corrects) the architecture of its Android hamburger emoji, there is one update to share: Googlers were served "Android Burgers" on Friday – and, yes, the cheese was kept below the beef patty.

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Amazon Alexa now supports routines, smart home groups, and more

You might remember Google announced a lot of Assistant things at its big event last month. One of those things was routines for linking multiple Assistant devices together with a single command. Well, Amazon just beat Google to the punch. Alexa now supports routines and several other new features.

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Netflix's Android beta program on Google Play is open to the public again

Early last year, Netflix prematurely flipped the switch on a beta channel release for its Android app. Within hours, the company pulled the plug on signups for the beta program. Now, over a year and a half later, it's back. Excited guinea pigs can again sign up to test the latest beta versions of the Netflix app for Android.

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Essential Phone drops from $1,050 to $650 in Canada

Late last month, Essential dropped the price of its flagship (and only) phone from $699 to $499 in the United States. While Essential said it lowered the price in order to help the company break into the smartphone market, it's also very likely that sales have been poor. A drop was also announced for Canada, but the new price wasn't revealed at the time.

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Cricket Wireless adds more data to its $30/mo and $40/mo plans

Cricket Wireless, the MVNO owned by AT&T, tends to change its pricing tiers from time to time. Back in May, the company increased the amount of high-speed data on its $40/month plan from 3GB to 4GB. Starting November 5, new changes will go into affect for its $30/mo and $40/mo tiers.

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Yi announces a 1080p outdoor security camera for $99.99

Getting your home or office set up with security cameras can be an expensive proposition. For example, a Nest Cam Outdoor costs a whopping $200. Yi Technology has just announced a similar device priced at half that. The new Yi Outdoor Camera is just $99.99, and it's available now.

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Nitrome's Turn Undead: Monster Hunter is a fantastic turn-based puzzle platformer

Nitrome has published some fantastic pixel-based games in the past with their releases of Gunbrick, Rust Bucket, Redungeon, and 8bit Doves. That's why it is no surprise to see that their latest release Turn Undead: Monster Hunter is also pretty great. This time around the gameplay focuses on turn-based puzzle platforming in a darkly themed Dracula inhabited world. It is your job to take on an army of the undead in order to defeat Dracula once and for all.

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