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Amazon adds Single-Sign-On feature to Fire TV devices in latest update

Signing into apps on your phone is annoying enough, but doing it on a TV is far worse. Amazon is rolling out a new feature in the latest Fire TV update called Single-Sign-On. As the name implies, once you've signed into a participating TV provider's app, you're automatically signed into all of them.

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Oreo beta program for the Galaxy S8 ending January 26

Back in November, Samsung started rolling out beta builds of Android 8.0 Oreo for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Several updates to that beta have been released over the past few months, but now Samsung is getting ready for the final public release. In the release notes for the most recent beta, the company announced that the program would end on January 26.

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Google is testing a 'My subscriptions' nav menu option in the Play Store

It's common to open the Play Store client on your phone and then immediately zip over to the "My apps & games" section via the navigation menu. What about subscriptions, though? Google is apparently adding that as a navigation item for some people right below the app shortcut. That's faster access for those with subscriptions and a reminder that subscriptions are a thing for those who don't.

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Michael Kors releases new models of Grayson and Sofie Android Wear watches in a variety of colors

Michael Kors entered the Android Wear through Fossil almost two years ago, and it's since been pretty active in releasing new models. In a world where most mainstream manufacturers are abandoning Android Wear, it seems like it's the fashion brands that are the most persistent on the platform. Case in point: MK has just released two new Android Wear 2.0-toting models of the Grayson and Sofie that come in several interesting color combinations.

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MX Player reportedly being purchased by Indian media company Times Internet for $200 million

Most of us using Android are probably familiar with MX Player. It's one of the highest rated video playback apps on the Play Store, with a tremendous 100 million to 500 million downloads. According to a report published by The Ken, the app has just been acquired for $200 $145 million by the Times Internet, a large Indian media company. 

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Twitter is using neural networks to improve photo cropping

Twitter doesn't show full photos when they appear in the stream—you need to tap to expand the whole image. Unfortunately, the cropped version of the photo is often framed awkwardly because it's just the middle section of the image. Twitter is solving that problem with a neural network that can understand the composition of your images.

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Amazon Echo products and Alexa now available in Ireland

Amazon and Google are in a race to expand their voice assistants to more countries. While both Google Assistant and Alexa are already available in the United Kingdom, neither have a presence in Ireland. Today, Amazon announced that Alexa is officially available in the country, with some of the company's Echo speakers also making a debut.

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Google adds more personalization options to its Ads Settings tool

Back in 2016, Google introduced a new tool which allowed users to further personalize the ads they saw online. It was a win-win, Google got to increase the effectiveness of its advertising, and you got to ensure (within limits) that they were a bit more useful. Apparently, this change was worth it, as Google is doubling down by introducing even more new settings options for advertisements, like disabling "reminder" ads and synchronizing "Mute This Ad" settings across devices.

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Dell announces rugged Chromebook 5000 Series for use in classrooms

If there's one area Chromebooks are consistently crushing the competition, it's in the educational market. According to IDC figures from 2016, Chromebooks made up 49% of school computers. Dell's 5000 Series is the company's latest attempt to cash in on that lucrative market, with a rugged design perfect for use in education.

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Mophie Powerstation AC review: USB Type-C, 22000mAh, 110 Volts, 100 Watts, $200

Just ahead of this year's CES, Mophie announced a massive 22,000mAh battery capable of spitting both 30W USB-PD over Type-C and 100W over a standard AC outlet, all in a relatively dinky 7.5" x 4.5" x 1.1" package. It even had what looked like a swanky gray fabric shell, so our interest was certainly piqued. The only real potential drawback we noted at the time was the price. $199.95 is pretty serious cash for a 22,000mAh battery.

Since then, the battery has been marked down to ~$125 on Amazon. Now that I've had a chance to play with one for a while, I can say that it's a great battery, but depending on your use case it might not be a great value. 

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