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[Hands-on] Night Driver, a boring and unwieldy racer from Atari with a rad '80s theme

It isn't often that Atari brings new games to the Play Store, which is why I wanted to take a closer look at their upcoming release Night Driver. If the name sounds familiar, well, that is because it's an old arcade game originally developed by Atari back in 1976 that was also ported later to the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64. This soft-launched mobile version is supposed to be a reimagining of the original racer, with all-new graphics and gameplay. It's also a free-to-play title with plenty of in-app purchases. So don't get your hopes up too high just yet.

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 3 brand new AT&T Samsung Galaxy S8 Actives [US]

AT&T and Android Police have partnered up to give three of our readers a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, which is a $849 value.

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Arlo officially launches Google Assistant support

Netgear is officially launching Google Assistant support for its camera line-up, allowing users to view their camera feeds on their Chromecasts, phones, and Shield TV. After connecting Arlo, all one need do is ask any Assistant-enabled device to display the camera feed. 

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Pack a virtual bag and follow along other travelers in Trips by Lonely Planet

Travel and destination discovery apps are a dime a hundred (not even a dozen) on the Play Store, but there are still a few names I come back to again and again. Google's own Trips is one of them because it helps me organize everything as well as see popular places to visit, organize day trips, and get discounts on tours, but I have yet to find a nice app just for the discovery of new destinations. I usually resort to a simple Google search or check Atlas Obscura or Rough Guides, but this new app by Lonely Planet might dethrone those options.

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August's direct Google Assistant integration is official, includes DoorSense to see if your door is open or closed

August's door locks have been supported on Google Assistant (and thus Home) for a long time, but you had to voice your request as, "Ok Google, ask August to lock the door." That Actions on Google / Assistant Apps integration had a few drawbacks like being dependent on Voice Match and talking back to you in a different voice (you can read about its limitations in our ultimate Google Home guide). But about a month ago, we noticed that the August Home was showing up as a direct service under Home control, which meant that you didn't need to ask or tell or talk to August anymore, and it wasn't voice-dependent either (again, you can check the distinction between this and Assistant apps in our previously linked guide).

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Instagram might be working on voice and video calls

Instagram is trying to become the place you connect with everyone, regardless of the medium you want. You can share images and videos with your followers, post ephemeral stories or keep them in your profile, direct message people for private chats, and go live to share your current activity or whereabouts with friends. But that doesn't seem to be enough as the app might be working on voice and video calls as well.

The news was first spotted by TechCrunch who got tipped about the Instagram APK file containing multiple icons for calls and video calls. I verified it on my end by grabbing the latest Instagram alpha v36 file and digging through it to find many icons for calls in the same vein as Instagram's icon design, plus several layouts that mention calls and video calls.

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Huawei Watch 3 in development, but it won't be released anytime soon

The original Huawei Watch was one of the best Android Wear devices you could buy in 2015, and it's still a popular watch to this day (mostly for lack of better options). Its successor came out a year ago, but it was a disappointment in almost every regard. The bulkier frame, uninspired sporty design, and small screen made it a downgrade from the original in many respects.

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Galaxy S9 and S9+ will go on sale in India on March 16

India is one of the largest smartphone markets in the world, but a large portion of flagship devices don't arrive in the country until weeks or months after initial release. In the past, Samsung has typically launched new devices in India a little while after they come out in other markets. For example, the Galaxy S8/S8+ went on sale in the US on April 21 of last year, but the phone didn't arrive in India until May 5.

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ edges out Pixel 2 as DxOMark's top-rated phone camera

The Galaxy S9+ has predictably stellar cameras, according to DxOMark. Samsung’s newest flagship device scored a 99 overall on DxO’s battery of photo and video quality tests, which is — surprise! — the reviewer's highest ever score for a phone. The S9+ is the first phone to receive higher overall marks than the Pixel 2, which netted a 98 last fall.

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