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Skype Lite v1.25 fixes the 'phantom call' Bluetooth bug

Some Android users have been irked by a mysterious "phantom call" bug in the last few weeks, and we recently tracked down the cause to Skype Lite. No one likes phantom calls. I mean, for one, that's spooky. And second, they steal audio focus. Skype has taken note of the error, and a new version of the app is rolling out with a fix.

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Wednesday brings us 10 temporarily free and 5 on-sale apps

It's Wednesday, so I'm back once again with some more app sales for you all. The list is extremely short today, if you couldn't tell already. While there aren't the notable entries that I noted on Monday, the smaller post today should make most of you happy.

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TV Show Favs gets a material design makeover in v4.0 [APK Download]

Keeping track of what you're watching on TV is an absolute nightmare at the moment; there are just too many great series and not enough time. As with most problems we face these days, there's an app for that. TV Show Favs is a powerful tool that helps you track and manage the viewing of your favorite shows, with all sorts of useful features such as calendar integration and reminder notifications. The devs will probably be the first to admit it hasn't always been the prettiest app (Holo everywhere), but that changes with the latest update.

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Telegram 4.5 adds grouped photo albums, better search, and saved messages [APK Download]

Telegram continues, as usual, to get better and better. The latest version, 4.5, adds a few new, interesting features. From grouping multiple photos into albums to an improved search implementation, Telegram 4.5 is a relatively large update.

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Google Pixel Buds review: Pass

The Pixel Buds mark Google's first foray into personal wireless audio. I won't make you wait: it's not gone well.

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Nexus Player gains Google Assistant functionality with November security patch

The Nexus Player, Google's first (and only) digital media player (see note) has received support for Google Assistant as part of the November security update. This is the third Android TV device to receive the Assistant, after the nVidia Shield and select Sony Bravia televisions.

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HTC unveils VIVE Focus VR headset for China alongside new dev platform, cancels Daydream plans

Google tried to create some buzz for its Daydream VR platform at its I/O developer conference back in May, even though public appetite for the tech seems to be waning. Standalone headsets were announced as the next evolution of the Daydream experience, but since then it's all gone rather quiet. We now know that HTC has canceled its plans to release a standalone Daydream headset, and is instead concentrating its efforts on China with a different standalone headset and development platform.

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Google Assistant now supports Singapore English on phones

Google Assistant's language support between different platforms is a confusing mess that I won't pretend to be able to understand, but the good news is that over the past year, more languages and variants have been added. We've seen Spanish and Italian recently, but today's addition is different: Assistant on phones should now work in Singapore English.

So if you live in Singapore and have set your phone to Singapore English as a language, you should start seeing Assistant soon (already?) when you tap and hold the home button on your phones, instead of the Google Now on Tap / Screen Search that was before it.

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Lenovo Thinkpad 13 Chromebook, Acer Chromebook 11, and three others receive Android app support

It has been a slow journey, but Google has been hard at work giving more Chromebooks access to Android app support. The Play Store arrived on 17 more Chromebooks last month, and now Google has added a few more to the growing list.

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Android Pay is coming to Slovakia

Google has been extending Android Pay into several new countries lately. The payment system arrived in Ukraine last month, along with the Czech Republic and Brazil this month. Earlier today, Google announced that yet another country is getting Android Pay - Slovakia.

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