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Google Photos v1.18 Adds Manual Backup For Local Photos And Video [APK Download]

Cloud storage is probably the greatest thing to happen to casual photography since manufacturers started putting decent shooters into smartphones. There's nothing like snapping a couple of group shots and throwing them up on Google Photos without the hassle of hooking a computer to a phone just to move them over first. The catch is that most of us choose not to sync pictures over cellular, instead waiting to get back within reach of Wi-Fi so our data plans don't feel too much abuse. However, there are times you still need to back up a few shots right away, and that's where the latest Google Photos update comes in.

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Vine Update Lets You Watch An Entire Channel With One Tap

I am no Vine watcher, but I've heard that there's a lot of cool content on the social network especially if you figure out which users are the most interesting to follow. Lots of creative people have found their niche within the constraints of its short video format and that's what everyone who's sticking around likes about it.

Now Vine is getting updated on Android to allow you, the spectator, to watch an entire channel from start to finish with a single button instead of manually moving from one video to the next. The option is visible in the latest version of the app when you open a channel: there's a new Watch button next to the Follow one.

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Google Launcher On Android N Dev Preview 2 Lets You Set Different Wallpapers For Homescreen And Lockscreen

It's something custom ROMs have been able to do for years, but has never found its way into stock Android. Well, the second Android N dev preview changes that: Home screen and lock screen wallpapers can now be different, if you so choose.

When a wallpaper is set, it now asks if you'd like to apply the wallpaper on your Home screen, Lock screen, or both. Interestingly, while there aren't any stock live wallpapers in N Dev Preview 2 (live wallpapers are still supported, there's just not any preloaded), live wallpapers are not able to be set as just a lock screen wallpaper.

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Starbucks 4.0 Adds A New Dashboard For Stars, Rewards, Offers, Music, And Plenty Of Bugs

It's been a rough start to the day and boy do I need a cup of coffee. Hey, let me open up that Starbucks app and see what's new. Oh yes, I have a new gift because I'm a very loyal custo... damn, the app crashed. Alright, I'll try again.

This is what will probably happen when you try using the new Starbucks 4.0 Android app. The update was uploaded to the Play Store two days ago and we've been watching in awe as the bad comments started spilling and all the heads started fuming at the buggy experience. But putting that aside, once the devs manage to clean out those pesky unexpected bugs, there are some cool features to discover in the new app.

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[Minor] Android N Dev Preview 2 Shows A New Icon When Your Recent Apps Screen Is Empty

Gather 'round people. There's a change in the second Android N Dev Preview and it will rock your whole world upside down. Oh who am I kidding, we spotted it and we know you guys like these teeny tiny tin-tastic changes in Android, even if they mean nothing to the way you use your device, so we're sharing it with you. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

If you decide to use the new 'Clear All' option in Preview 2 or if you manually clear out all your app instances from the Recents screen, instead of the lifeless "Your recent screens appear here," you'll see a graphic icon of recent apps with "No recent items" beneath it.

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Comparison: New Human Emojis From Android N Dev Preview 2 VS Old Yellow Blob Emojis

In its announcement of the second Android N Dev Preview, Google mentioned support for Unicode 9, including more human emojis, skin-tone emojis, more characters, and overall more realistic emojis. Google explained that developers should start taking advantage of the new emojis in their messaging and keyboard applications, and one of the most obvious examples is Google's own Keyboard which shows many of these changes.

First up, the emotions / faces panel sees more forward-facing blobs instead of the many emojis that were previously looking toward the left. There are a few changes here and there in some emojis, but most of them kept the same allure.

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[Update: Pixel C] [Flash All The Things] April 2016 Marshmallow Nexus OTA Roundup

The April Android updates are rolling out, but as usual, they are doing so in waves. If you don't want to wait, you can grab the OTA file and sideload it. Where can you find such a thing? We've got all the OTA links right below.

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[Specs Comparison] HTC 10, HTC One A9, & HTC One M9

The HTC family welcomed a new member yesterday – the HTC 10. From our initial impressions, it's a pretty sweet phone that packs some impressive hardware and software. However, the 10 isn't the only phone HTC makes, and it can be difficult to keep track of changes from one product generation to the next. With that in mind, I've put together a handy-dandy chart for you, our dear readers, so you can compare HTC's last three flagships spec by spec*.

FeatureHTC 10HTC A9HTC M9
Size145.9 x 71.9 x 9.0 mm145.8 x 70.8. x 7.3 mm144.6 x 69.7 x 9.6 mm
Screen/Resolution5.2 inch/2560 x 14405.0 inch/1080p 5.0 inch/1080p
Battery 3000 mAh2150 mAh2840 mAh
USB Type/QC USB Type-C 3.1/QC 3.0Micro-USB/QC 3.0Micro-USB/QC 2.0
CPUSnapdragon 820Snapdragon 617Snapdragon 810
SoftwareAndroid 6.0Android 6.0Android 6.0
SD SupportYes Up To 2TBYes Up To 2TBYes Up To 2TB
WiFi802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Rear Camera12MP/ƒ1.8/4K Video13MP/ƒ2.0/1080p Video20MP/ƒ2.2/4K Video
Rear Camera OISYesYesNo
Front Camera5MP/ƒ1.8HTC Ultrapixel/ƒ2.0HTC Ultrapixel/ƒ2.0
Front Camera OISYesNoNo
Fingerprint SensorYesYesNo
Current Unlocked Price$699$429$499

As you can see, the HTC 10 is bigger, faster, and more powerful than its predecessors, but it also comes at a steeper price.

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Headup Games Brings Silhouette-Heavy 2D Platformer 'Toby: The Secret Mine' To Android

Toby: The Secret Mine is a relatively new indie game inspired by Limbo. The similarity is immediately apparent. Both are 2D platformers. Both embrace heavy use of silhouettes.

But as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we welcome more admirers making their way into the Play Store.

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Android N Dev Preview 2 Includes A New Style For Google Now Launcher Folders

We're still digging into the new Android N preview to see what little things have changed, and one of the most immediately apparent tweaks is the new home screen folder style. Rather than the stacked icons in the round frame we've had for the last few years, folders are like small cutouts, peeking into a grid of app icons.

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