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How to turn your old, slow laptop into a sleek ChromebookYou don’t have to buy a new PC when you just want to browse the web faster

Chromebooks are known for their resourcefulness as Chrome OS often runs smooth as butter on the weakest possible configurations. While Google officially supports only a handful of devices that are custom-built to fit the OS, you'll be delighted to learn that it's possible to turn many old, slow laptops into fast Chrome OS machines. That's thanks to Neverware's CloudReady fork of Chromium OS, the open-source base of Google's commercial product. The company focuses on businesses and schools that want to refresh their old hardware, but it also offers a free version of CloudReady to private users.

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Galaxy Z Flip review: It's almost time to throw away your old, boring, non-folding phoneFolding phones are the future, but don't buy this one

The progress we've made with folding phones in just the last year is stunning. We went from teasing the concept behind a glass box to several shipping products in just about no time, culminating almost precisely one year later in this: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It's a folding vision from the future, loaded with flaws and bent like a scythe in preparation of the Flat Phone Reaping. Even if you don't buy the Z Flip (and you shouldn't), your current phone's days are numbered.

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Android 11 developer preview 1 adds support for soft rebootsYou won't use it directly, but it could pave the way for some great features

Major Android updates always come with a host of new features and functionality, but there are countless other changes taking place behind the scenes that set the stage for more significant improvements down the road. Among the additions in Android 11, most of us will probably never care about rebooting userspace, but it may be a first step for several other bigger enhancements to come.

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Samsung has started mass-producing the first 16GB LPDDR5 DRAM chipsComing soon: More memory than your phone could ever need

In the same way that Samsung makes most of the best smartphone displays — even those in Apple's iPhones — they also make many of the RAM chips used by other OEMs in their handsets. Advancements made by the South Korean company led to the first phones with 12GB of RAM, and now 16GB versions are on the horizon.

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Netflix starts showing top 10 charts of its most popular contentThe streaming service is being more transparent about its most viewed movies and series

Netflix has long shown you lists of popular content on its app's home screen, but so far, you could never see how exactly titles in those ranked. The company is looking to change that as it has announced that it's starting to roll out top 10 lists of most popular series and movies across all platforms and form factors.

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Huawei releases the MatePad Pro in China to tackle the iPad (Update: 5G version and availability)

Despite the continual shrinkage of the Android tablet market, Huawei continues to take the tablet-making business seriously. After getting a glimpse of the Huawei MatePad Pro a couple of weeks ago, the device has now been officially unveiled. The company looks to be positioning it as a rival to the iPad Pro in China, and that's the only place it's launching right now.

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Google broke Quiet Time on the Nest Hello doorbell again (Update: Fixed)The second time in a month

The Nest Hello video doorbell is an excellent product—it's one of the few smart home products that have genuinely improved my life. As with anything that relies on server-side features, it doesn't always work perfectly. Google appears to have broken the doorbell's Quiet Time feature after doing the same thing just a month ago.

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OnePlus Gallery update adds scene recognition and face detection (APK Download)It also adds auto-generated albums to curate your photos

OnePlus regularly updates its gallery app to introduce new features and improvements, even if some of those features have been around in other photo apps for quite a while. The latest release has added facial recognition to group your photos, scene recognition to combine pics from the same locations, and auto-generated albums that will give you a collage when a barrage of photos is taken.

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Sony unveils 5G flagship Xperia 1 II and mid-range Xperia 10 II (Update: Xperia Pro with HDMI input)The company’s flagship has a headphone jack again

Sony's smartphone design language has long stagnated, but last year, the company stepped up its game with the Xperia 1 and 10, coming with 21:9 displays and slightly more rounded corners than Xperia devices of old. Today, the company has released the follow-ups for these two phones, the Xperia 1 II and 10 II (speak: Xperia 1 mark 2), stepping up both handsets' cameras and resurrecting the headphone jack on the high-end device. It's also Sony's first to come with 5G.

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Samsung Members gains dark modeThe dark side is strong with this one

Samsung has been updating its first-party apps with dark mode support ever since it released the feature in One UI a little over a year ago. In the last month or so, the company has quickly been updating the few apps left without one. The latest app to join the list is Samsung members, a one-stop-shop for deals on Galaxy products and accessories, news about software updates, support for your device, and joining beta programs when available.

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