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Taiwan's Pokémon GO Grandpa is back with 64 phones mounted on his bike

The legendary Pokémon GO Grandpa — known for biking the streets of New Taipei City, Taiwan, with his "peacock of phones" — has gone public with his biggest, baddest rig yet. In 2018, he had 15 phones mounted to his handlebar. This year, he's up to 64.

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Android Police wants you (to write for us) — apply today

I've worked at Android Police for a decade now (well, I will as of the end of the month!), and I'm proud of the team we've built here over the years. AP has taken great care of me, and it's a place I look forward to working every day. Once again, we're looking to grow that team, and are hiring for a number of roles. I'll let the listings do the rest of the talking.

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How to watch classic (and recent) NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB games for free

The coronavirus pandemic has caused tons of disruption to many industries across the globe, and major professional sports are no different. Public health is the number one priority right now, so the NBA, NHL, and MLB are all suspended for the time being while the US is undergoing a period of self-isolation and social distancing and the NFL is lucky to be in its off-season. This couldn't come at a worse time for sports fans who are stuck at home with little to do, but thankfully the big four sports have made a bunch of classic content free to watch.

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Stressful, but necessary: How to follow coronavirus news (while avoiding fake news) without going crazy


First off, I know: Android Police is a website about Android, and Google, and mobile technology. But it's also a website where millions of people get fast, up-to-the-minute news about those topics, and that's a reputation we've come to pride ourselves on over the years. When it comes to gathering the news and reporting the facts, we have a decade of experience as an organization, and today I thought we'd do a little community service in bringing that skillset to bear in a way that could be useful during these very unusual (and kind of scary) times.

To be clear, this post is not about Doing The Clickbait.

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Android Police finally has a dark theme

You've been asking us for a dark theme for a long time, and now it's finally here. Android Police now has a dark mode, complete with an automatic mode and support for our AMP site!

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Watch the final Android Police Q&A show on Twitch

We've been doing a weekly Q&A show on Twitch for a while now, where we hang out with readers and discuss recent news in technology in a more laid-back fashion than the podcast. However, all good things must come to an end, and this will be the last Q&A show. That doesn't mean we won't have fun, though!

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Listen to the Android Police Podcast with Adam Doud!

The Pixel 4a doesn’t need 5G, you probably don’t care about Motorola phones that aren’t the Razr, and get ready for the ultimate Chinese app store app collection…. Semicolon… tech podcast producer Adam Doud joins us on the Android Police Podcast.

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Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner turned into DJ Roomba 2.0

The spirit of DJ Roomba lives on in 2019. Although this one might not swear, enterprising developer Eddie Zhang has found a way to install an open-source Spotify client on his first-gen Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the slightly garbage built-in speaker, an off-brand DJ Roomba 2.0 was born.

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Come write for Android Police — we've got jobs!

Android Police has grown a lot in the nine-plus years I've been here, and this year will mark a decade the site itself has been around. It's hard to believe where we are now compared to then, having since launched APK Mirror, completely redesigned the site, and introduced a number of new faces on the team. People I hired years ago - like Corbin, Ryne, Scott, and Richard - are still "the new guys" in my mind, even though they're all people I've come to trust intrinsically to do the work we rely on here every day. And that work isn't shrinking - it's growing, a lot.

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Android Police now supports Google AMP, and you'll love it even if you hate AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or 'AMP' for short, is a project Google has been working on for a few years that makes it easier for sites to create faster mobile experiences. You've probably seen most of your favorite sites add support for AMP over the past year or two, and now you can count Android Police (your favorite site, obviously) among them!

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