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Pixel 4a camera sample gallery: Our first shots with Google's newest Pixel

With smartphone manufacturers trying to jam more and more camera sensors into phones at every price point, it's become genuinely difficult to understand just what makes a good smartphone camera. With the Pixel 4a, Google reminds us that more is frequently no substitute for "better." With its single, aging 12.2MP Sony camera sensor used since the original Pixel in 2017, the 4a takes photos that will make an iPhone 11 Pro blush, let along the multi-cam monstrosities many budget brands are pumping out right now. While it's nothing special from a hardware perspective (the 4a itself, though, is quite special—read our review to find out why), the phenomenal Pixel processing bests phones that cost much more.

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Should you buy a Pixel 4a, or wait for the Pixel 5?

Google's smartphone strategy for 2020 is a bit different than it has been in previous years. For one, there will be three tiers by the end of the year: the already-released Pixel 4a, a 5G version of the 4a, and eventually a Pixel 5. Google is also expected to use a mid-range processor on the Pixel 5, rather than the flagship Snapdragon 800-series chips found on previous models.

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Google Pixel 4a review: All the phone you need, none of what you don't

When the Pixel 3a launched at Google I/O 2019, it came closer budget smartphone perfection than any phone in the US had before. That is, until the iPhone SE landed. The Pixel 4a is taking Apple's pint-sized iPhone on directly this year, and while many would argue it's an apples to oranges comparison, I think Google actually comes out on top in a lot of important ways. I can't say I necessarily expected to feel that way, either. Google has a reputation for the little, nagging issues that often make its phones feel less than they could be. With the Pixel 4a, though, it really is a struggle to find meaningful flaws—and I'm serious about that.

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Spigen's robust case collection will protect your Note20, Note20 Ultra, and Samsung accessories (Sponsored)

The Galaxy Note20 series are some of Samsung's boldest phones to date, with large screens, powerful cameras, and a fresh bronze finish. To ensure your new Note20 stays clean and pristine for years to come, Spigen has you covered with a premium lineup of case offerings in the styles you love. Check it out!

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15 new Android games from the week of August 3, 2020

Welcome to the roundup of the new Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous week or so. Today I have Ubisoft's mobile release for Brawlhalla, a free-to-play Smash Bros. clone. I also have a fantastic Rocket League clone from Noodlecake Studios as well as the official release for Electronic Art's Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football. So without further ado, here are the new and notable Android games released during the week of August 3rd, 2020.

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HP's 14" Chromebook x360 14c 2-in-1 is $399 ($230 off) for students at Best Buy

If you're after a snappy-looking Chromebook, but last week's $799 Galaxy Chromebook was a bit out of budget, we've got something for half the price. This model of the 14" HP Chromebook x360 14c is currently just $399 ($230 off) at Best Buy. The only catch is that you have to be registered as a student with your Best Buy account.

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Galaxy Z Flip 5G now available from Samsung, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Best Buy

Samsung released its first clamshell-style folding phone earlier this year, the Galaxy Z Flip. Although still a niche device, it seemed to capture the attention of buyers more than the original Galaxy Fold. Samsung announced last month that a slightly-upgraded 5G version was on the way, and now you can buy one from select carriers and retailers.

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Tasker competitor Automagic has been discontinued, pulled from Play Store

Automagic first arrived on Android in 2012 as an automation utility, allowing you to run a series of actions from defined triggers. The app set itself apart from Tasker with its unique flow chart interface, but sadly, Automagic's eight-year run has now come to a close.

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Hear me out: Google should bring back the headphone jack

Google's Pixel 4a appears to have become a sensation — even though no one has one yet. It's only open for pre-order, and already it's become the best-selling unlocked smartphone at Amazon and Best Buy. And that makes sense; it's a pretty great phone. But you know what else is great? It has a goddamn headphone jack.

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Get a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for $100 ($50 off) on Woot

If you missed out on the Galaxy Buds+ deal from around a week ago, you're in luck. Woot is currently offering the same (well, technically a dollar pricier) deal: the Buds+ for $99.99. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you get free shipping as well.

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