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Google Pay support arrives for 78 more US banks and credit unions (Update: 30 more)

With all of the local banks and credit unions in the US, it seems like Google Pay will never stop finding more to add support for. Case in point: since our last update in mid-January, Google has gone ahead and partnered with 67 more stateside banks and credit unions.

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Chrome dials back cookie privacy changes to keep sites accessible during coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak, and the resulting changes to many peoples' schedules, has led to everything from movies to retail sales being delayed. Chrome's release schedule has already been disrupted, but now Google is rolling back a recent change to how the browser handles cookies, so all websites will continue to function as they do now.

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HBO makes Silicon Valley, dozens of shows and movies free to watch this month

As the novel coronavirus pandemic is expected to peak over the next several weeks, having the masses stay at home will be most crucial during this time. But the lockdown orders do have their deleterious domino effects from unemployment to mental deterioration. It's under these pretenses that AT&T-owned HBO has decided to offer about 500 hours of shows and movies to everyone, subscription-free.

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All the new movies, including early theater releases, you can watch at home right now (Updated)

New movies are rolling out every few days with home releases, either seeing the light for the first time or just available for rent or purchase ahead of schedule. Many of the home premieres are still among the titles that aren't likely to draw high numbers, but some larger movies that already had theatrical releases are jumping the gun and hitting streaming services at the perfect time to keep us busy. Since we're not headed to theaters, take a look at our continuously updated list of new movies hitting the streaming services!

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Amazon reportedly delays its yearly Prime Day sale until at least August

Amazon has held an annual 'Prime Day' sale for the past few years, which essentially served as a Black Friday/Cyber Monday in the middle of the year. The event has also had ripple effects in the retail industry, with most other stores offering similar sales during the same period to attract customers, but now Amazon is reportedly delaying this year's celebration of capitalism.

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US carriers forgiving late payments, bolstering benefits during coronavirus fallout (Update: Boost Mobile)

Cellular carriers have earned many negative impressions over the years for poor billing practices, unfair contracts, and some dubious attempts to insert themselves where they might not belong; but there's no denying that they have a good track record for giving a little back in times of crisis. In light of the spread of COVID-19, which has now been upgraded to a global pandemic, carriers in the US are committing to give more data to subscribers and relax their billing practices so people can focus on more important things.

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Anker's Nebula Mars II Android projector is now $350 at Woot ($150 off)

Anker has been producing Android-based portable projectors for a few years, and the Mars II is one of the company's more powerful units. It originally cost a whopping $500 when it was released in late 2018, but now you can get one from Amazon-owned Woot for just $349.99.

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IFTTT now connects to TickTick task manager, drops support for six other services

If This Then That, or IFTTT for short, is the web that loosely connects dozens of smart home platforms and online services together. It can post a tweet when your laundry is done, make your lights blink when the International Space Station flies overhead, or send a notification when a game you want is on sale. Since the last time we covered IFTTT, 14 new services have been added, though there are a few removals as well.

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YouTube Music rolling out improved, more logical library

Adapting to YouTube Music can be a pain if you've been a Play Music user for years. Google has been promising to make various changes to ease the transition, and it's rolling one of them out today. YouTube Music has new library organization that makes it much easier to find specific artists or tracks.

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Google's community mobility reports show how the coronavirus has changed society (Updated)

Google's apps and services are among the most-used in the world, so it's no wonder that people turn to the company when they want to find out more about the coronavirus pandemic. In order to suppress misinformation and help its users find trustworthy sources, Google took a lot of measures, including a COVID-19 website created in cooperation with the WHO and the CDC and many editorialized search results in all products. While it's pretty easy to spot all of this information yourself while you're using Google apps, we'd still like to give you a broad overview of some of the measures.

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