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Five improvements we want from the next Google Home

The original Google Home speaker was released almost four years ago, and quite a lot has changed since then. Google has released several more smart speakers, like the Nest Mini and Home Max, and the third-party ecosystem of Google Assistant speakers has also taken off.

In all that time, the speaker that started it all hasn't received any hardware revisions. Sure, its software has been constantly improving, but it still sounds the same and has the same air freshener design. It's high time Google remodeled the Home (pun intended), and we've put together a few improvements that we'd love to see.

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The march toward the $2000 smartphone isn't sustainable

Whether it be a crazy foldable or just a 5G mega-brick with more storage than most laptops, smartphones are summiting peaks almost no one is asking them to, particularly on price. Samsung in particular has been on the cutting edge of what is a larger and growing trend, with its nearly-$2000 Galaxy Fold and maxed out Galaxy S20 Ultra (which retails for $1600 in 512GB trim). With Apple's new $400 iPhone SE making waves in the market like no handset has in a long time simply for the amazing value it provides, suddenly super expensive smartphones have a lot more of us feeling skeptical.

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The 5 worst things about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

We've already run down the five best things about the Galaxy S20 Ultra, so now it's time to look at the ways in which it disappoints. It's not unreasonable to expect a $1,400 phone to be damn near perfect, but the S20 Ultra sadly has a few negatives points that bring its overall score down. You can check out our full review to see what Ryan thought about it, but here's a summary of the least appealing aspects of the S20 Ultra.

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Coronavirus continues to change the Play Store charts

Last month we analyzed how the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we work, study, and communicate and the impact it had on apps people download. Interestingly, as people have been on lockdown for more than a month, the trends are continuing to evolve. We've compared the top charts from the end of February, March, and April and compiled the results below.

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The 5 best things about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Galaxy S20 series has been far more controversial than the S10 lineup it succeeds, thanks to a stratospheric price tag and camera system that doesn't quite hit the mark. You can find our review of the S20 Ultra here, but today I'm going to outline my five favorite aspects of this expensive, premium phone. I've had mine for over a month now, and it's been my daily driver since it arrived. As such, I've been able to experience everything the S20 Ultra has to offer, and what it's like to live with over a longer period.

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Why doesn't my Google Nest Hub work with Netflix?

Assistant-powered smart displays like the Nest Hub aren't exactly "new" anymore. But almost two years since they were first revealed and a year and a half since the Google Home Nest Hub went on sale, they still have one glaring omission: Netflix. You can't play content from the biggest streaming service out there on them, even though they have support for cast streaming. And, surprisingly, it isn't Google's fault.

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The 5G is too damn high

When's the last time you really, deeply lamented the fact that your phone's mobile data connection wasn't marginally—maybe 10 or 20%—faster? Never? Because right now, and for the foreseeable future, that's statistically all 5G is going to get you. In return, manufacturers of 5G phones are asking for a hell of a lot from you, the consumer. Specifically, the dubious real-world benefits of 5G come attached to phones that are becoming legitimately, ludicrously expensive.

OnePlus wants a minimum of $700 for its cheapest 5G phone, and Verizon wants another $100 on top of that for its version with (currently literally pointless) mmWave 5G.

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Imagine how much it must suck to be Motorola right now

Imagine being Motorola right now.

You haven’t launched a proper flagship phone in years. A long time ago, you captured the world’s attention, but those glory days are behind you. Your knees ache, your back aches, your Mods ache. You’re just not the vibrant, nimble smartphone manufacturer that you used to be. These days you get by selling serviceable entry level and mid-range phones.

But wouldn’t it be great to try again? To shoot for the moon and land among the stars? So, you get to work. You know it can take a couple years to get a new kind of smartphone off the ground.

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Android Auto should bring back calendar integration and reminders

Android Auto saw some big changes last summer, including removal of the Google Feed-inspired home screen and the addition of semi-persistent audio controls in the navigation bar. While most of the changes were welcomed, a few things were lost in the transition. Complaints have been stacking up over the sacrifice of calendar integration, or more specifically, that there are no appointment reminders or a convenient way to kickstart navigation to the places you need to go.

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The iPad is the only tablet worth buying during lockdown

Between marathon Netflix binge sessions and Zoom calls with the family, we're all spending a lot more time online these days. And though we might be encouraged to stay six feet apart in public, we're closer and more connected with one another than ever before. So if you're getting tired of carrying your laptop between rooms at home, and your phone just isn't cutting it, tablets are the perfect middle-ground for content consumption and communication. But even if you're a die-hard Android fan, you should probably consider the iPad before anything else.

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