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Gboard rolls out real-time transcription and translation (APK download)

In mid-July, Gboard's Play Store listing added a cryptic changelog that mentioned voice dictation translations. We started looking for signs of that feature and couldn't find any until now, when it finally showed up on the latest Gboard beta v9.7. Google has also confirmed to us that it's rolling it out to everyone.

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Google Home app finally integrates advanced router controls for Wifi (APK download)

When Google introduced its new Nest Wifi routers, it promised to bring over all the settings from the dedicated Wifi app to the regular old Home app. It looks like the company is working on making good on that word, as the latest Google Home app (v2.26) has added a slew of advanced Wifi controls that were previously reserved to the standalone Wifi app, including things like DNS, WAN, LAN, and DHCP configurations.

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Latest Zoom update adds support for dark mode on Android (APK Download)

Zoom has understandably been one of the most popular apps around these last few months as people have had to forgo in-person meetings — both personal and business — for online video chats. The desktop client has had a dark mode for a little while now, but Android users have had to suffer blinding menu screens before jumping into late-night calls. With the latest update, Zoom for Android finally gets dark mode and a few others new features to boot.

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Digital Wellbeing lets you override Focus mode for 5 minutes (APK Download)

Bit by bit, Google is building Digital Wellbeing into a powerful smartphone management tool that can help you curb your usage and channel it into more or less productivity, following your needs. With Focus mode, introduced last year, the app gained a quick way to temporarily pause several apps in one fell swoop. Now you can bypass that for five minutes if you really need to open an app while the mode is active.

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Safe Folder feature officially rolling out in latest Files by Google beta (APK Download)

If you've followed the story of the Google Files app's Safe folder feature, you'd know it's been a roller-coaster. It was first spotted in development mid-June, but two weeks later, we saw signs of it being unceremoniously killed before it even went live for anyone. Well, it now appears to be alive and well, as it just showed up in the latest Files beta version. (Update: And Google has just formally announced the rollout.)

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Mozilla's next-gen Firefox hits stable after a year of previews, without full extension support (APK Download)

Mozilla has been working on a brand new version of Firefox for Android, nicknamed 'Fenix,' for over a year at this point. The new codebase slowly trickled down from Preview to Beta, and at long last, the aging stable browser is now receiving the update. However, fans of the stable browser might still notice a few features missing.

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Telegram 6.3 allows users to send larger files, add profile videos, more (APK download)

As you might have noticed recently, we love Telegram. Whether it's cool features that you may not have seen or helpful gestures and shortcuts, this service has plenty to offer. Today, Telegram rolled out a substantial update that not only adds new features but changes existing ones too. If you've always wanted to have a video as your profile photo, send a file larger than 1.5GB, or take tighter control over who can message you, then this update has some goodies in store for you.

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Chrome Beta 85 rolls out 64-bit support on Android, experiments with hiding URLs, and more (APK Download)

Chrome 84 was released a little over a month ago, and now Chrome 85 has graduated to the Beta Channel. This release mostly focuses on under-the-hood features and new APIs for developers to use, but there are still a few interesting changes worth noting. Let's take a look!

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Download the Asus ROG Phone 3's live wallpapers for your phone right now

Developer and XDA forums member linuxct, who just last month ported Xiaomi's "super" wallpapers for use on other Android phones, has done it again — this time, they've exported live wallpapers from the Asus ROG Phone 3. And with a few downloads plus a little know-how, you can have them on your phone, too.

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Google Translate's dark mode looks better now, but hasn't yet rolled out to everyone

Many of Google's most popular apps have received an update with dark mode, but Translate remains an outlier. It's been hanging on to its white-only interface like it previously did to its outdated, first-gen Material Design look. In February, things seemed to be moving ahead with version 6.5 of the app, though they surely didn't go in the right direction. Back then, a dark mode showed up for some users, but it looked like a work in progress or the result of the lowest possible effort. Now, a better-designed dark mode is rolling out again, but once again, it's limited to a few users.

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