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Google Analytics for Android now displays App+Web and Firebase properties (APK Download)


Samsung Internet 12.1 adds grid layout for tab switcher, improved Galaxy Z Flip support (APK Download)

Samsung Internet only recently got a big release that gave it third-party password manager autofill support and a new Chromium engine, but the developers are already hard at work on the next feature update, version 12.1. The browser's current beta adds a new grid view to the tab switcher, giving it almost the same layout Google Chrome is currently testing for many people.

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Google Camera 7.5 no longer saves portrait photo pairs in standalone folders

If you ever owned a Pixel capable of taking portrait photos and you ventured into its storage to back up or move your images, you must have noticed the silly mess of portrait folders. For some reason, each pair got its own separate folder, complicating the use of third-party gallery apps or back up solutions. Thankfully, with Camera 7.5, this issue is no more.

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Soon, everyone you share photos and videos with will know you've got a Pixel

IMG is the most common file name for images that come out of cameras, used in many phones and DSLRs, including the Google Pixel lineup. Google is looking to differentiate files created by the Pixel line's excellent cameras, though. Starting with Google Camera version 7.5, currently only available for devices running the Android 11 beta, image file names will start with PXL instead of IMG.

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It's now faster to send pics from Google Photos albums in other apps (APK download)

Sending images from Google Photos through other apps on your phone can be a straightforward process, just like it can be a convoluted one. If the pics are recent and still locally stored on your device, it's the former, but if they're old and you've backed them up and deleted the local version, it's the latter. A new update to Photos fixes that second scenario.

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Here's how to get the MIUI 12 Faraway Rings live wallpaper on any Android 8.0+ phone

When MIUI 12 debuted around three months ago, we published a post about a few of its "super" wallpapers being ported to other Android devices. The developer who ported the others, "linuxct" on XDA Forums, has now ported another MIUI 12 wallpaper. This one's called Faraway Rings, and as you might be able to guess, it depicts Saturn's rings.

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Here's how to get the Pixel 4a's Eclipse live wallpaper on any phone

It's pretty common for wallpapers from the latest phones to be ported to others, and the Pixel 4a is the latest subject of this. A developer on the XDA Forums by the name of Pranav Pandey has ported the 4a's Eclipse live wallpaper, and we have the download over at APK Mirror.

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OnePlus Gallery adds 4K 60fps video editing, fixes missing slow-motion editing (APK download)

About a week ago, OnePlus broke the ability to edit slow-motion videos in its Gallery. The latest app update, which is now rolling out on the Play Store, fixes that. It also adds 4K 60fps video editing, which was so far impossible to do in the native app. There's also casting support, supposedly.

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Google News now displays severe weather alerts in your briefing

Google turned its News app into a great resource, making it easy to pull articles from multiple sources and compare what each outlet is writing. But the app also functions as a rudimentary weather hub, offering you an always-accessible shortcut to the current conditions and forecasts at the top of its homescreen in your briefing overview. The developers have now added a severe weather alert tailored to your location, helping you become aware of any potential weather hazards when you need to head out.

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