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Huge Apple Music 3.4 beta update ports all the iOS 14 changes to Android (APK download)

Apple is preparing to launch iOS 14, and that means there are updates incoming for all of its system apps, including Music. It looks like the company is working on bringing over these latest changes to Android as soon as possible, as the latest Apple Music beta v3.4 already sports almost all of the new stuff that will come to iOS 14: there's a new icon, improved search, autoplay, and Listen Now, which replaces the For You section of old.

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The OnePlus Notes app comes to the Play Store with Oxygen OS 11 design (APK download)

OnePlus is preparing a novel take on its UI for Oxygen OS 11, and its first redesigned apps are already available for everyone to check out on the stable version of Android. The running theme of the overhauled applications is reachability, with OneUI-like big titles and gaps stretching to the top of the screen. That's no different for the new Notes app version 4.0, which has just celebrated its Early Access debut on the Play Store.

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Create moving wallpapers with Wonderland, Samsung's latest Good Lock app (APK download)

Samsung's Good Lock suite of customization apps are a fantastic way of personalizing your Galaxy phone, but the company isn't content with simply updating the modules that already exist. A few days ago, Pentastic was introduced for S Pen UI customizations, and now Samsung is back with another new app. Wonderland all about wallpaper creation themed around Lewis Carroll's Alice and her various adventures.

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Chrome Beta 86 rolls out Native File System API, makes changing stolen passwords easier, and more (APK Download)

Just last week, Chrome 85 rolled out to the stable branch across desktop and mobile platforms, with a heap of interface changes and new developer features. Chrome 86 has now graduated to the Beta Channel, and it mostly focuses on new capabilities for web developers. Let's jump right in!

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Samsung's new Pentastic Good Lock app lets you customize Galaxy Note's S Pen UI and features (APK download)

Samsung's Good Lock modules are a popular way of customizing Galaxy devices, and a new one for the Note series is sure to be just as well received. Pentastic lets you personalize the look of the various UI functions relating to the lineup's iconic S Pen, including the Air Command menu, pointer, and more.

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Nova Launcher beta adds Android 11's quirky flower, pebble, and vessel icon shapes (APK Download)

Nova Launcher continues to be one of the fastest third-party app launchers to get inspiration from the latest Pixel changes. That trend continues with a fresh batch of new icon shapes, some of them lifted from the Android 11 developer previews and subsequent beta.

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Nest x Yale and August locks can now be controlled from the Google Home app

Last week, an update to the Google Home app started rolling out with a bunch of new features in tow. Chief among them is the new dark theme, a new security camera feed, and improved controls for Android 11's power menu integration. More changes have popped up now, though these are governed by a server-side switch and are thus slowly appearing for users.

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Samsung Internet Browser 13 enters beta with interface updates and new APIs (APK Download)

Samsung Internet is one of the best browsers for Android, as it combines the Chromium web engine with a customizable interface and limited extensions support. The last major update arrived in June, and now another new version is ready for testing in the Beta Channel.

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New OnePlus Android 11 weather app is available for everyone on OxygenOS 10 in beta (APK download)

As we all know, OnePlus is working on a OneUI-inspired redesign for its flavor of Android 11, and the first fruits of that work are already available for everyone to see on their OnePlus phones. The company has updated the Play Store beta of its weather app with the new visuals from OxygenOS 11.

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HBO Max adds button to skip intros and promos on select shows (APK Download)

AT&T/WarnerMedia's latest streaming service, HBO Max, was released to the general public on May 27th. While it does have a large library of shows and movies, it has been criticized for its lack of features, most notably the ability to skip show intro scenes — something Netflix added in 2018. It took a few months, but HBO Max has finally fixed that issue.

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