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Google Docs, Sheets, And Slides Updated With Real-Time Spell Check, Hiding Rows/Columns, And More [APK Download]

Update Wednesday keeps rolling on, this time with new versions of Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This is a bigger update that actually warranted a blog post from Google. There are some nice functionality changes in all three apps.


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Google+ App Updated To v4.9 With Swipe To Refresh Post, Renamed Sections, And More [APK Download]

It's update Wednesday, and you know what that means. It's right there in the name—updates. There's a new version of Google+ rolling out, but it doesn't look like a huge change so far. As usual, we're digging in to see what's what, but you can grab the new version below.

2015-01-21 12.37.30 2015-01-21 12.37.52 2015-01-21 12.38.10

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[Update: Moto Voice] New Set Of Motorola Apps Ready To Download Including Camera, Gallery, And More [APK Download]

Motorola is still working to get all of its devices updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop, but there are a few soak tests going on at the moment. That means new Motorola apps are floating around, and we've got them available for download.


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[APK Download] YouTube Update Adds A New Share Menu And Brings Back Voice Search, Oddly Jumps From Version 6.0.3 To 10.02.3

Say Google, is there something big you're hiding in the latest version of the YouTube Android app that justifies a massive jump in the version number? Because if you are, we can't find it. The YouTube app currently propagating across the Play Store is version 10.02.3, a huge jump from the previous (and not altogether different) 6.0.3. The newer version adds a grid-based share menu and a few changed icons and brings back the voice search option, plus a few changes under the hood, but it's a very strange jump for a comparatively small update.

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[Update: APK Download] New Google Translate App Includes Word Lens Image Translation And Smarter Conversation Mode

We had an exclusive preview of upcoming changes to the Google Translate app last month, and Google just announced an update that matches exactly with our information. The new version of Translate is rolling out on Android and iOS with built-in Word Lens translation via the camera and a smarter conversation mode that can listen to both languages at once.

Google Word Lens iPhone GIF

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AcDisplay 3.0 Is Rolling Out With Lollipop Support, Material Influences, And More [APK Download]

Motorola has consistently impressed with its Moto Display feature, and the Nexus 6 has a similar Ambient Display mode. If you don't have either of those devices, AcDisplay is a good way to get similar functionality, and it's getting a big update today to v3.0. There may be some bugs with such a significant jump, so the new version is only going out to a small segment of users. Lucky for you we've got the APK below.

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[APK Download] Facebook Update Allows You To Log Back In Faster By Just Tapping On Your Profile Picture, Security Be Damned

In Facebook’s app update to version 26.0, users can now log into their accounts without typing their password. While you still stay signed in by default as before, if you are logged out for some reason, you can get back to your own account by just tapping on your profile picture. This is especially useful for those times when a friend needs to sign in on your device or if you have multiple accounts.

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[APK Download] QuickPic 4.0 Beta Adds Colorful Themes, Automatic Cloud Backup, And More

The folks behind QuickPic have released a beta that expands on the stable version's Material-inspired looks with a heaping dose of color, lets you automatically save local folders to the cloud, and adds in a number of other enhancements. We've made the download available at the bottom of this page. But first, here's what has changed.

What's New

Let's start with the themes. In addition to the default black and white look, users can turn the third-party gallery app's action bar anything from blue or green to red, purple, or yellow.

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Google Opinion Rewards Gets A Slight Visual Refresh In Latest Update [APK Download]

It appears Google really doesn't want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to easing its own apps into material design (no matter how long it may take). The latest to get an incremental refresh is Google Opinion Rewards - the app has been updated with a revised launcher icon (seen in the thumbnail for this post), and a new toolbar inside the app. The icon is a bit closer to material, but doesn't carry the exact same use of shadows as Google's other recent updates.

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Hangouts Dialer Can Now Start Calls When You Tap A Phone Number In Another App [APK Download]

There's an update to Hangouts Dialer rolling today to make those Google VoIP calls a little more useful. The dialer's new trick is that it can handle phone call intents from the system. That makes it easier than ever to place calls through Hangouts with your Google Voice number.

2014-12-17 12.08.16

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