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Google Home app gets Nest Cam events and improved smart outlet icons (Update: New lighting controls)

Google Home received an overhaul last year that reduced its number of bottom tabs from four to two — only home control and a feed remain. The latter hasn't been populated by too much content, but a recent update to version 2.19 changes that, at least if you own Nest security devices. The feed now shows you Nest Cam events in the form of highlights and makes the whole history available for viewing. The update also gives smart outlets icons that better depict which devices they're controlling.

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Samsung releases Home Up, a Good Lock add-on to further customize your homescreen

Samsung's Good Lock is a massively popular app that lets you customize your Galaxy device, and was recently updated to support Android 10 and One UI 2.0. Samsung has now released Home Up, a module for Good Lock that allows the user to extensively fine-tune their homescreen folders, including their appearances and backgrounds.

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Google renames Wind Down to Bedtime mode, adds option to activate while charging at night (APK Download)

Some subtle rebranding is happening inside Google's Digital Wellbeing app, which offers ways to monitor and manage your phone use. The previously named "Wind Down" mode is being renamed to "Bedtime mode," and the change brings a few other minor tweaks with it.

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OnePlus Camera v4 prepares for OnePlus 8 series release with some UI changes (APK Download)

The latest camera app from the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro is now available to download from APK Mirror, and it's got a few little changes in preparation for the release of the new phones. The most noticeable difference from the previous version is that the settings are now accessible from a new button in the top right corner instead of via the pull-up section at the bottom where camera modes are located.

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Chrome Beta 83 revamps form controls, blocks downloads from sandboxed content, and more (APK Download)

The coronavirus outbreak has thrown a wrench in Chrome's release schedule. Chrome 82 was skipped entirely, and even though v83 is now in beta, it's definitely one of the smallest updates we've seen in a while. Nevertheless, there are some new changes worth talking about.

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Firefox's revamped browser gets support for five more extensions (APK download)

Mozilla has been working on a rethought version of Firefox for Android for more than a year already, and things are starting to fall into place. In February, the browser received support for its first add-on, and now, two months later, Mozilla has announced that the Nightly release of the Preview software works with five more extensions.

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New Firefox Beta based on redesigned Preview version is rolling out widely (APK download)

However many versions of Firefox you think there are on the Play Store, I can almost guarantee there are more. One of the numerous Firefox builds is getting a major update, and that signals big changes for the other versions. The Firefox Preview app that first launched last year is now moving into the Nightly channel. In the coming months, the old Firefox could be a thing of the past.

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Google Opinion Rewards expands to Hong Kong and Malaysia

Google Opinion Rewards had a rocky ending to 2019, with many users' credits expiring without warning or explanation. That was soon rectified by placing an expiration date beneath your balance, though the explanation for the whole debacle was too little, too late. Moving past the controversy, Google's forging ahead in the new decade by making Opinion Rewards available in Chile, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates.

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OnePlus Launcher 4.4 brings updated app switcher to OnePlus phones (APK Download)

The app switcher on Android used to be a core part of the operating system, but with the introduction of gesture navigation, it's now a component of your device's home screen launcher. This means it can be updated outside of OS upgrades, and that's exactly what is happening on OnePlus devices.

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YouTube TV app on Android finally gets a dark theme makeover

YouTube TV is becoming an all-inclusive service for live TV streamers with features like an improved guide and major network HBO set to come on board. Even with its relatively polished overall package, the YouTube TV app for Android has still felt lacking without a proper dark mode when many Google apps already have it, including YouTube. Months after its web version got the darker theme, the Android app is finally getting the makeover, saving your eyes from that blinding white interface at night.

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