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Google Duo lets you add more people to a group chat mid-call (APK download)

In any friend or family group, there's always that one person everyone forgets to invite to events. A birthday party without cousin Jamie, a friendly catch-up call without Billie the wallflower, or a department-wide happy hour video chat without Larry Jerry Terry Garry, all of these could be a thing of the past if you use Google Duo. The service now lets you add forgotten people to a group call after starting it.

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Closing your perfectly innocent incognito tabs will no longer cause Chrome to freeze

For the last two months, spanning from Chrome version 84 to 85, some people have been experiencing spontaneous interface freezes, mostly when trying to close their last incognito tab. Google acknowledge the issue quickly and promised a timely fix, and it seems like it's finally rolling out with the latest minor Chrome update. People on version 85.0.4183.127 report that the freezes have stopped for them, and the corresponding entry in the Chromium bug tracker has been marked as fixed.

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A more modern Material UI comes to VLC for Android in version 3.3 (APK download)

In a world where competing media codecs run rampant, VLC is a lifesaver. Version 3.2 came out last year, bringing UI improvements, a new TV interface, and support for Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts among other things. Now 3.3 is ready to go, and it completes the UI revamp with a more modern Material look that's right at home on Android 11.

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Google Pay India picks up a tweaked design in beta with Flutter rewrite (APK Download)

Google Pay’s Indian edition has been growing strong, and even expanded overseas recently to bring a similar experience to shoppers in Singapore. The app got a Material design facelift not too long ago and picked up a much-requested payment option just yesterday. Keeping up with that pace, Google has now rewritten the Pay India app from the ground up, bringing a few visual tweaks along with a host of under-the-hood changes to beta users.

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U.S. government bans TikTok and WeChat starting Sunday

The U.S. government threatened to ban TikTok and WeChat if no suitable U.S. company bought it, and even though TikTok and Oracle just recently signed a deal as "trusted tech partners," that apparently wasn't enough. The U.S. Commerce Department today shared that TikTok and WeChat will not be available for download from U.S. app stores anymore starting Sunday, September 20, confirming the initial announcement on August 6.

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Firefox 81 brings back more features from older codebase, still doesn't support all extensions (APK Download)

Mozilla rolled out the rewritten version of Firefox for Android last month, following over a year of development and various Firefox Preview releases. The update faced some criticism due to interface changes and a lack of support for most third-party extensions, but Mozilla has already pushed one update attempting to improve the new Firefox, and now yet another update is about to roll out.

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Latest Google Home app update hints at Google TV rebrand

Google products undergoing multiple rounds of rebranding during their life cycle has become the norm — sparing not even the more popular ones. Android Wear shed the Android prefix back in 2018 to be simply called Wear OS, while the Home line picked up the Nest label more recently. Something similar is about to happen with Android TV, and we’re seeing yet another sign that a rebrand to Google TV is imminent.

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Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra now supports save states on Android (APK download)

Citra first added save state support to its desktop build back in April this year, just a month before bringing over the emulator to Android. Since save states are very intense on storage and prone to breakage, it took the team a while to port over experimental save state support to Android, but the wait is over. Citra has announced that save states are now available on the latest Android build just as the app reached the milestone of half a million downloads.

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Here are the unreleased Galaxy S20 FE's wallpapers

A good wallpaper can make a phone feel whole. It's what really ends up bringing the visual experience of a phone together. That's why wallpapers are so important, especially on devices from phone-makers like Samsung. Sometimes Samsung make mistakes, like uploading an unreleased device's firmware really early, and that lets us dig through it to find these great wallpapers.

While you can download the Galaxy S20 FE wallpapers right now, the Galaxy S20 FE hasn't actually been announced yet. Yesterday, Samsung announced Galaxy Unpacked for Every Fan where they are likely going to announce the Galaxy S20 FE, but at the moment nothing is official.

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Vivaldi Browser gets an optional bottom tab bar on Android (APK download)

Vivaldi started putting more options into its various bottom bars with version 3.2, and now, a year after the browser's initial beta release on Android, the company has decided to allow users to go all-in on bottom navigation. Version 3.3 of the Chromium-based browser lets you move the tab and address bar to the bottom of the interface. There are also smaller improvements to content and ad-blocking.

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