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Google's rolling out the red carpet for Android Automotive developers at I/O

There are a lot of things a software platform needs to succeed, and developer interest is one of the most integral pieces of the puzzle. To help Google's plans for Android Automotive — which brings a full Android OS to cars — the company is gearing up to help interested developers get started at this year's I/O conference.

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Google won't break legacy apps that don't use Scoped Storage in Android Q, API enforcement postponed to Android R

Android Q beta 2 led to a slew of controversy over "Scoped Storage," a new set of rules that changes how apps are allowed to access local storage. Google hopes to improve security through this since the current free-for-all system can enable bad actors to snoop data from around your device. Now, Google has announced that it will stop enforcing Scoped Storage with beta 3 to give developers more time to adapt to the new API.

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Android Studio 3.4 now available with new Resource Manager, Android Q emulator images, and more

Android Studio is the official development environment for creating Android applications. Version 3.3 was released at the start of this year, and now version 3.4 has arrived in the stable channel, with a few minor improvements for developers to enjoy.

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Google addresses developer concerns with promises to improve Play Store appeal processes

There are many problems with the Google Play Store, but two primary issues have become more apparent than ever over the past few months announcing breaking changes to popular apps with little-to-no warning, and not communicating with developers after their apps or accounts are disabled. Today, Google revealed a series of changes that will (hopefully) address both of those problems.

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[Update: GS10 5G, too] Google ARCore support comes to 5 new phones, including the unannounced Moto One Vision

Most new phones from all the big names have hardware that's good enough for Google's ARCore applications. To help us all keep track of which devices are officially certified by Google, its developer site maintains a handy list. We then keep track of said list so you don't have to — aren't we nice — and we've spotted the addition of five new phones in recent days, including one that's not even out yet.

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[Update: Files by Google updated] Scoped Storage in Android Q Beta 2 limits how apps can access files

Privacy has been one of the main themes with Android Q so far. Permissions can be blocked to background apps, clipboard managers have been killed off, and runtime permissions are changing for old apps. It seems Google is just getting started, as Android Q Beta 2 comes with major changes to how apps can access local files.

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Google announces Android Dev Summit 2019 for October 23-24

We're just a few weeks out from Google I/O, but Google is already planning its next developer party with the Android Dev Summit. While I/O is technically a developer-focused event, it's also become a major showcase for consumer-facing products. The Android Dev Summit will be all about Android without the glitz and glamor of I/O, and it's happening on October 23-24 this year.

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[Origami simulator] Android Studio 3.5's emulator picks up support for virtual foldables

Together with the Android Q Beta 2 release today, Google is pushing out a bleeding-edge preview of Android Studio Canary. The emulator included in version 3.5 includes support for foldable devices, allowing developers to get started porting apps to the form factor now.

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Google I/O 2019 schedule includes sessions on Stadia, dark mode, lots of Assistant, but no Wear OS

Google I/O is one of the most exciting times of the year for us tech nerds, and as we near the 2019 event, the schedule is now up for all to see. This isn't the full complement of sessions — many smaller talks and workshops will be added in due course — but it does give us a good idea of which areas Google is likely to focus on most this year.

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Google working to bring JavaScript app support to Fuchsia

Google's in-development Fuchsia operating system has been slowly taking shape over the past three years. It appears to be designed for both mobile and desktop devices, with a real-time kernel and a unique interface. We already know languages like Google Dart and Apple's Swift will be supported by Fuchsia, but now it seems JavaScript might be joining the party.

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