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[Deal Alert] HooToo TripMate Wireless N Portable Travel Router (5200mAh Battery And USB Storage) Down To $39.99 ($10 Off)

As a technology obsessed individual (hey, you're the one reading an Android blog), you probably take things like external batteries and travel routers on trips. Well, there's a product that can take the place of multiple devices, and it's on sale. The HooToo TripMate Wireless N Router has a built-in battery to keep your devices juiced up and offers wireless access to USB storage. This thing is kind of like a mobile Swiss Army knife...

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Tuesday App And Game Sales: Myth Defense LF, TimeJot (Free), 10000000, And More

Enough of your humdrum life, it's time for some excitement. Although, this is an Android blog, so we can't really offer you any life-changing extreme experiences or revelatory advice. The best we can do is some cheap apps and games.


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[Deal Alert] eBay Has The Original Galaxy Note 10.1 16GB On Sale For $229.99 (Refurbished)

Update: That's all, folks. It looks like the deal has sold out.


Say what you will about Samsung's plastic designs and overbearing skins, the original Galaxy Note 10.1 was and is one of the more capable stylus-enabled tablets on the market. If you're looking for a good deal on the WiFi version, eBay has a refurbished model for just $229.99. That's almost $300 off the original 2012 price, and still a solid $170 off of the retail price (even for a refurbished model). 

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Friday App And Game Sales: Star Command (Free), Vignette, MapMyFitness, And More

Don't just go spending your dollars randomly on apps and games – let us point you in the direction of some sales this fine day. It's almost the weekend, so don't you deserve a little fun at a reasonable price?


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Best Buy's $50 Smartphone Credit Is Back – Register February 2-15th And Redeem Any Time In 2014

Best Buy wants to give you $50, but you're going to have to do something for Best Buy – just buy a phone. If you were planning to do that anyway, then it's a win-win. It's essentially the same deal Best Buy has been offering for the last few years. Just sign up for the promo, and then at any time in 2014 you can use the $50 credit toward a phone of your choice.

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[Deal Alert] Grab A 2013 Nexus 7 32GB For $199 or 16GB For $179 From Micro Center

If there's a Micro Center nearby and you've yet to jump on the tablet bandwagon, now's your chance to do it on the cheap. For a limited time, MC is selling the 2013 Nexus 7 for up to $70 off its normal price: the 32GB model is only $199 ($70 off), and the 16GB model is going for $179 ($50 off). That's a good savings – and it's worth noting that these are brand new units, not refurbs.

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[Deal Alert] Belkin's WeMo Light Switches, Power Outlets, And Motion Sensors On Sale (Up To 33% Off) At Amazon Gold Box

If you've been looking for an easy way to get into the home automation craze, Belkin has a series of plug-and-play accessories that will let you control lights and other electronics without any major home modifications. The WeMo series is relatively cheap and controllable with your phone or tablet via the Android app. Amazon's daily deal portal Gold Box has select WeMo accessories and switches on sale for today only.


The most basic part of the WeMo line is the WeMo Switch, a simple on/off switch that hangs out on a standard wall outlet and connects to your home's WiFi network.

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Tuesday App And Game Sales: M&M Clash Of Heroes, Call Notes Pro, Hot Springs Story, And More

Are you ready for an adventure? Good! Today we're descending into the murky depths of personal finance. Don't worry – this isn't some lame after school special. We're talking about personal finance only insofar as it pertains to snapping up a good deal on apps and games, that's all.


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[Deal Alert] Amazon Gold Box Deal Of The Day Offering Up To 50% Off Transcend Flash Memory Cards

When it comes to microSD cards, some Android users won't give theirs up unless they're pried from their cold, dead hands. Amazon hears you, so the company is offering up to 50% off Transcend flash memory cards as part of today's Gold Box Deal of the Day. This reduces 32GB cards down to just $16.99, with larger 64GB cards making the drop to $37.99. A small 16GB card, on the other hand, will only cost you $9.99.

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[Deal Alert] Anker 25W (5V/5A) 5-Port Family-Sized USB Charging Station Available For $15.99 With Coupon Code [Update: New Code]

Update: The coupon code has already expired. Sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Update 1/27/14 12:17pm PT: New code Y8WGAYUM (via SD) should work today for the same $4 off.

Another device, another charger. That's the way the story goes. I personally leave a USB charger hanging from at least one outlet near every resting place in my apartment, but if you happen to need all of your devices in roughly the same place, my system won't exactly meet your needs.

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