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Get $30 Off The New Nexus 7 (Both Models) At Staples With This Coupon Code - 16GB Version Is $199 Shipped

Update 2: Both models are now out of stock on - bummer!

Update: The 16GB version is now out of stock on, but the 32GB model is still going strong.

Looking to pick up that brand-new Nexus 7 on the cheap? I guess cheap is a relative term, but this Staples deal will certainly make acquiring Google's newest slate cheaper, slashing $30 off your total before taxes.

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Friday App And Game Sales: Real Boxing, Raiden Legacy, Satellite Safari, And More

It's been a long week of smartphones, media streamers, and DROIDs. How about chilling out with some games, or something? Sound good? Cool, let's find some sales so you can at least save a little cash. Lots of good sales today!


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[Deal Alert] Get 3 Months Of Rdio Music And $25 Credit For Vdio Video Content Free With Coupon Code [Update: It's Over]

Streaming music provider Rdio might be playing second fiddle to Spotify, but it's still a viable option. Rdio even runs its own video content store called Vdio. With a handy little coupon code, you can get a taste of both services, or add some freebies you your existing account.


To get your free stuff, just head over to the Rdio redeem page, and enter the code P4KFEST2013. This should give you 3 free months of Rdio Unlimited ($9.99 per month) and $25 to spend on Vdio instantly.

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Monday App And Game Sales: Shuttle+, Grocery King, Freeze!, And More [Updated]

Another long week has begun, so how about some apps and games to get you through it? It just so happens we've got a number of great deals right here. Go forth and spend, but not too much.


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Samsung Starts A Promo For The Galaxy Tab 2 Student Edition: $10 Play Store Credit, Three Months Of Hulu Plus, And A Year Of Boingo

Recently, Samsung started offering a few perks to those who picked up a Note 8.0 or Galaxy Tab 3, which included either $10 or $25 in Play Store credit, three months of Hulu Plus, and a full year of access to Boingo Wi-fi access (available to new users only). As of now, the company has also extended this offer to Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Student Edition (that's a mouthful) owners, and it mirrors the Tab 3's promo exactly:

  • $10 in Play Store Credit
  • 3 Month Hulu Plus Membership (new users only)
  • 12 Months of Boingo Wi-Fi Access (new users only)


To take advantage of this deal, you need only register your product with Samsung by following this link.

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[Deal Alert] Verizon Casio G'zOne Commando 4G LTE Shows Up On Wirefly For $50 On Contract (50% Off)

If you want a "ruggedized" phone on Verizon, you can have any model you want, so long as you want the Casio G'zOne Commando 4G LTE. It doesn't have a lot to recommend it aside from its tough-as-nails construction, but if Verizon's your only choice, it's better than nothing. And on that note, a $50 on-contract price tag is better than twice that at retail. Wirefly has the G'zOne Commando for $49.99, fifty bucks off the standard price.

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Friday App And Game Sales: Awesome Miniature Pro, Distant Suns, SkySafari, And More [Updated]

The weekend is upon us, and you're going to need something to do. Some new apps would do the trick, but only chumps go around paying full price for things. We've got all the app and games sales you could want right here.


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[Deal Alert] AT&T Drops LG Optimus G Pro To Just $439.99 Contract-Free – $110 Off The Old Price

If you've got a hankering for a beefy smartphone rocking a new Snapdragon 600, consider the AT&T Optimus G Pro. Ah, but the contract, you say. Well, AT&T has just dropped the off-contract price to $439.99. It used to be $549.99. All the contract deals have remained the same, but eBay doesn't even sell the G Pro as cheaply as AT&T does now.


This is the AT&T-branded Optimus, remember. That means some AT&T junk on the device.

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Thursday App And Game Sales: Xpert Timer, Great Big War Game, Super Mega Worm, And So Much More

The Google Play Store got its big overhaul this week, and it looks pretty nice. The lost features are a bit of a problem, but maybe a bunch of app sales will cheer you up. There are a ton of them today, including some stuff from Amazon.


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[Deal Alert] Refurbished ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 32GB Is $280 After Rebate ($150 Off) From Tiger Direct

Looking for a high-res tablet, and don't mind getting a model that's a bit long in the tooth? Then you'll want to check out Tiger Direct's listing for the 32GB Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700. This 1920x1200 10" tablet is a pretty great deal at $279.99, assuming you're OK with a somewhat outdated Tegra 3 processor, a refurbished model, and a $50 mail-in rebate. Jeez, but I wish those things would die - the rebates, not the Tegra 3.

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