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[Deal Alert] T-Mobile Is Knocking $48 Off The Price Of The Nexus 6 ($601.99 32GB And $651.99 64GB) For Cyber Monday

It's a real bummer that the Nexus 6 has been so hard to find, but supply is starting to catch up to demand. T-Mobile has enough in stock to be offering a nice little Cyber Monday deal. The Nexus 6 is $50 off if you buy it today.

2014-12-01 14_15_42-Google Nexus 6 Smartphone Phablet _ Nexus 6 Reviews & Specs _ T-Mobile

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[Deal Alert] Motorola's Cyber Monday Deal Is Live—$359 Moto X Pure Edition, $0.01 On-Contract Verizon Moto X, And 30% Off Accessories

The hour is upon us, but it may be more like the minute. Motorola is accepting sign-ups for its Cyber Monday Moto X deal, and it's sure to go very, very fast. It's supposed to run from 11AM CST to 5PM CST, but supplies are limited. It's also a US-only deal.


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[Deal Alert] Seriously, Hurry: Best Buy Also Has The G Watch For $80, PLUS $50 In Google Play Credit

Update: It looks like the black model is sold out, but the white is still available as of 8:55 AM PST.

Best Buy has been listing the LG G Watch for just $80 starting yesterday, but it sold out almost instantly. It looks like now (RIGHT NOW), it's back in stock. Unlike the Groupon deal we posted earlier today, this one also includes a $50 Google Play gift card, the same promotion that Google itself gave on Friday.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy Is Offering A Brand New Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 For Less Than A Refurbished One ($199)

You may have had high hopes for the Nexus 9 only to read our review (along with many other sites') and have decided that maybe it isn't the slate for you. But maybe you still want something larger than last year's Nexus 7. Perhaps you prefer how Samsung goes about making hardware. If either of these are true, then listen up.

For Cyber Monday, Best Buy is selling new Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4's for a little less than the price of used or refurbished models elsewhere.

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[Deal Alert] Hurry: Groupon Is Selling The LG G Watch For $80 ($150 Off!) With Free Shipping

If you couldn't get in on Google's Black Friday deal on the G Watch, or Best Buy's deal that disappeared so quickly that we didn't even get to post it (update: it's back, but might go in and out all day), now you've got another chance - and this one's even better. Groupon is currently selling the original LG Android Wear device for just $79.99, an amazing $150 off of the retail price.

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[Deal Alert] Power Skin PoP'n External Batteries On Sale For $0.01 Plus Shipping With Coupon Code

You can't get something for nothing, but in this case you can get pretty close. Power Skin has a killer Cyber Monday promotion with its PoP'n selling for just a penny. You still have to pay shipping, but that's only $8 for basic US delivery. You're probably wondering what a PoP'n battery is. Well, it's kind of weird.

PSK-POPN-MBA-BK_In-Use_800px_081414-500x500 Front_to_FrontHero_72dpi-500x500 Angled_View_Bottom_72dpi-500x500

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy Is Selling Play Store Gift Cards For 10% Off: $50 For $45, $25 For $22.50 With Free Shipping

Look, if you're a dedicated Android user, eventually you're going to spend at least twenty-five bucks on apps, games, movies, music, books, magazines, or in-app purchases in the Play Store. At least I hope so, for the sake of the developers. That being the case, why not save a little bit by taking advantage of Best Buy's generosity? Right now the retailer is offering 10% off on purchases of Google Play gift cards.

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[Deal Alert] The 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Is $329 ($170 Off) At B&H Photo

OK, so perhaps the latest version of the Galaxy Note tablet isn't impressing you, thanks to that overly large 12.2-inch screen. If you'd like a deal on something very similar but a little more manageable, B&H Photo has the 32GB version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (man, I'm glad they did away with that naming scheme) for $329. That's a whopping $270 off of the price of the 32GB model at launch last year, and still $170 off of Amazon's current price.

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[Deal Alert] Verizon's Black Friday Deal Offers $100 Off All On-Contract Android Phones Plus $150 Bill Credit For Switching To Verizon

Believe it or not, people do voluntarily enter into contracts with Verizon. That proposition is much more attractive today with the carrier's Black Friday deals. You can get $100 off all Android smartphones when purchased with a new contract, and a $150 bill credit for each line you move to Verizon.


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[Deal Alert] [Update: N6 In Stock, N6 And N9 Eligible For Credit] Play Store Black Friday: LG G Watch For $99, Plus $50 Play Store Credit With Any Android Wear Device

Update, 8 AM Pacific: Predictably, both the Nexus 6 and the discounted G Watch are out of stock. You can still grab $50 of Play Store credit with the purchases of any other Android Wear device or the Nexus 9.

Update: It looks like the Nexus 6 (which is actually in stock right now, at approximately 12:45 AM Pacific) and the Nexus 9 are also eligible for the $50 Play Store credit.

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