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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of six Origem HS-3 Bluetooth headphones (US)

Do you want a pair of premium Bluetooth earbuds? If so, we've got you covered, because we're partnering with Origem to give away six pairs of the company's HS-3 Bluetooth headphones! We also have an exclusive coupon code that takes 30% off the usual price, if you want to buy a pair outright.

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[Update: Winners] We're giving away 3 Amarey A800 robot vacuums (a $199 value) [US]

We live in a wonderful time in which you can have robots vacuum your house for you and you can get them without breaking the bank. Thanks to our friends at Amarey, 3 of you will be getting a robot vacuum for everyone's favorite price: free!

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 10 Aukey Key B60 or Key B80 wireless earbuds (US & UK)

If you need a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, today might be your lucky day. We're partnering with Aukey to give away some of the company's Key B60 and Key B80 wireless earbuds. We also have exclusive coupons for each, if you'd rather buy a pair outright.

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[Update: Winners] Win one of two Honda by Jackery 290 Portable Power Stations (a $350 value) [US]

If you are looking for a portable and convenient power station with a focus on eco-friendliness, then look no further than the Honda by Jackery 290 Portable Power Station. American Honda Motor has hand-selected Jackery to ensure a best‐in‐class consumer offering of outdoor portable power, which means you can expect hours of battery life for all your devices when taking advantage of the 292 watt-hours of energy storage inside of the Honda by Jackery 290 Portable Power Station.

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 23 Xcentz Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones (US)

If you're looking for a nice pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for working out, or you just want something comfortable for long music-listening or movie-watching sessions, we've got you covered. We're partnering with Xcentz to give away 23 of the company's Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Sport Headphones, and if you want to buy a pair outright, we have an exclusive coupon code that takes 23% off the regular price.

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[Update: Winners] Enter to win one of 5 bundles of TopGreener charging accessories worth over $130 (US)

Smartphones and portable devices rely more and more on USB charging, and we need those devices to charge as quickly as possible. Luckily TopGreener offers the perfect solution thanks to its high-speed in-wall portable chargers that will quickly and safely energize your devices at the maximum speeds possible. This is why we are glad to announce that AP has teamed up with TopGreener to give away five bundles of charging accessories to ensure that all of your devices always have enough power.

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[Update: Winner] Giveaway: Win a Samsung Galaxy S10 and transfer your data to it with AnyTrans [US]

Getting a new phone is great. Not so great is having to move all your stuff from your old phone. Fortunately, one lucky Android Police reader is about to get the best of both worlds. You can win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 plus a lifetime license to AnyTrans, which will make moving that data to the S10 a breeze.

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[Update: Winners] We're giving away four Reolink Argus 2 Security Cameras and Solar Panels, plus 15% off for everyone else

If you are looking for a 100% wire-free and weatherproof outdoor security camera that's compatible with solar panels, then look no further than the Argus 2 Security Camera and Solar Panel Power Supply from Reolink. Not only is this camera and solar charger pack the perfect solution for your home surveillance, but the wireless design of the camera guarantees installation will be a breeze. This is why we are excited to announce that Reolink has launched a Spring Sale on all of its security cameras, and in celebration of this even Reolink has teamed up with AP to giveaway four Argus 2 Security Cameras and Solar Panels.

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[Update: Winner] For World Backup Day, we're giving away a Synology DiskStation NAS with 4x2TB Seagate IronWolf hard drives (a $620 value) [US + CA]

Did you know 30% of people have never backed up their phones? If you lost your phone right now, would you be able to get all your pictures, videos, and music back? Data loss doesn’t just happen to big companies. It only takes one mistake or unforeseen problem for your virtual life to be erased. That’s why our friends at Synology are giving away a DS418j NAS along with 4x2TB Seagate IronWolf drives to one lucky winner in celebration of World Backup Day on March 31st.

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 20 Xcentz universal power adapters (US)

Traveling to different countries can be a great experience, but among packing and preparing for everything, the type of outlet used in the place you're visiting is probably the last thing on your mind. Xcentz has the perfect solution, the High Power Universal Adapter, and we're giving away 20 of them!

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