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Giveaway: Win a Roborock S6 MaxV robotic vacuum with active obstacle avoidance (US)

Although Roborock launched the S6 MaxV less than half a year ago, its flagship robotic vacuum has already become a consumer favorite for its innovative navigation features and exceptional cleaning power. Now Roborock wants to help you sweep your floors this holiday season by giving away an S6 MaxV to one lucky Android Police reader. Here's how to enter.

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Win one of seven Hohem iSteady X smartphone gimbals (Update: Winners)

For most people, a modern smartphone is more than good enough for snapping photos and capturing video. But despite innovations like optical image stabilization and post-production editing apps, images taken by even the steadiest of hands can still yield motion-based imperfections. To help you shoot the sharpest photos and smoothest video footage, our friends at TikTech are giving away seven Hohem iSteady X smartphone gimbals.

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Win a Crane 2S gimbal from Zhiyun (Update: Winners)

When trying to shoot the perfect video footage, having a steady hand just won't cut it. Videographers need a pro-level gimbal that provides device stability while also being easy to detach with just a click. This week, our friends at Zhiyun are giving away a Crane 2S gimbal to one lucky Android Police reader in the United States or Europe. Here's everything you need to know to enter.

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Win one of 3 Fret Zealot LED guitar lesson systems (Update: Winners)

You've undoubtedly found yourself with a bit of free time amid the recent pandemic. Instead of binging on TV shows or scrolling through endless walls of social media, why not take this opportunity to cultivate a new hobby, like learning how to play guitar, bass, or even ukulele? To get you started, our friends at Fret Zealot are giving away three LED guitar lesson systems that will help you master the guitar and all of its intricacies.

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Win one of 7 eMeet Luna conference speakerphones (Update: Winners)

Even though the COVID-19 quarantine has sent most office employees home for the foreseeable future, daily operations haven't slowed down for many professional industries. With so many office workers now conquering tasks remotely, video and conference calls have become a normal part of daily life. To help you engage with your colleagues' calls in pristine clarity, TikTech is giving away seven eMeet Luna conference speakerphones to our readers.

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Win one of 5 Selpic P1 handheld printers (Update: Winners)

As modern technology pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with mobile devices, Selpic aims to disrupt the printing space with the pocket-sized P1. This handheld printer is versatile enough to print words or graphics on a multitude of surfaces, yet svelte enough to be carried along with you wherever you go. Here's how you can win one of five of these P1 printers from Selpic.

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Win one of 4 ANNKE C500 Dome or ANNKE C800 Dome IP security cameras (Update: Winners)

As the pandemic drags on, and you inevitably spend more time at home, you need a good security camera to keep tabs on what's happening outside your front door. Luckily, our friends at Annke are giving away two C500 Dome and two C800 Dome IP security cameras to our readers. Here's everything you need to know.

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Win one of 4 VACOS outdoor/indoor security cameras (Update: Winners)

With more people spending time at home, having a reliable home security camera is vital to keeping tabs on your property while you work and relax indoors. To help you stay on top of the things happening beyond your front door, our friends at VACOS are giving away four outdoor/indoor security cameras to our readers. Here's everything you need to know.

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Sign up to win a Samsung Galaxy S20 from Chargeasap (Update: Winner)

One of the hottest phones of the year has undoubtedly been the Galaxy S20 series. Adorned with Samsung's industry-leading displays, high-end specs, and a powerful camera system, Sammy's latest make for both a worthy upgrade or introduction to the Android ecosystem. This week, our friends at Chargeasap are giving away a brand new S20 in any color of the winner's choice. Here's everything you need to know.

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Win one of six Annke BR200 PIR security cameras with light strobe and alarm (US, UK, EU) (Update: Winners)

As imaging technology has evolved to encompass higher resolutions and improved frame rates, home security cameras have graduated from an added convenience to a necessity for many. However, despite the growing prevalence of smart cameras, only a paltry 38% of Americans own a home security product. This week, you can be among these lucky few when you enter to win one of six Annke BR200 PIR security cameras. Here's everything you need to know.

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