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Wyze asks users for donations as it struggles to solve its person detection AI dilemma

Wyze offers some of the most affordable smart cameras on the market, but sometimes you get what you pay for. The company added person detection in July of last year, but it didn't last long. Apple purchased the firm providing Wyze with those AI capabilities, and it had to scramble to come up with a new solution. Wyze started beta testing its new person detection feature earlier this year, and now it's ready to roll out more widely — but there are still quite a few caveats.

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Wyze's long-awaited outdoor camera is here: 1080p, no subscription requirement, $50

It hasn't exactly been a secret that smart home company Wyze has been working on an outdoor camera. Wyze said it was beta-testing such a product in February, and the camera passed through the FCC in April. Now every little detail about the camera has been revealed, including the price.

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Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera review: Promising hardware, good value, regrettable app

When you're looking to secure your home, family, and property with the help of a wireless camera, you've got a lot of options to consider. Devices run the gamut when it comes to features and pricing, from the likes of budget-friendly Wyze to the premium polish of an Arlo. While there's a lot to like on both ends of that spectrum, I've been interested in finding a good middle ground. Would the $90 Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera be up to the task?

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Wyze finally releases add-on Keypad for its smart lock

Last year, budget-friendly smart home company Wyze announced its first smart lock, the appropriately named Wyze Lock. The company started taking pre-orders for the $90 Lock straight away, and we saw the hardware arrive a couple months back. But though the Lock itself had landed, we were still waiting to get the full picture on the optional Wyze Lock Keypad, which was announced alongside the Lock, but without pricing details or a firm release date. Now it's finally available, landing on the company's store for just about $20.

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Wyze Lock review: Affordable, robust smart upgrade for your existing locks

Installing a houseful of smart home upgrades gets expensive fast, which is why we're always excited when budget-conscious Wyze releases a new device. From internet-connected cameras, to security sensors, to smart outlets and even lightbulbs, Wyze has managed to prove itself in new product categories time and time again (well, with the occasional hiccup along the way). Now it's tackling the smart lock market, with the release of the aptly named Wyze Lock. How will it compare to more expensive solutions? Let's take a look.

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FCC reveals Wyze Cam Outdoor details including internal battery and indoor base station

Wyze's upcoming Outdoor Cam has just cruised past the FCC ahead of its upcoming launch. First spotted by Zatz Not Funny!, the listing includes internal/external product images and a product manual. Between the two, we have a good idea of what it looks like, we know it is battery powered with a detachable magnetic mount, and we know it will connect to a remote base station.

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Wyze Band review: One critical flaw ruins a promising fitness tracker

Wyze started off as a maker of simple smart home products that worked well and were affordable, but the company has started to expand rapidly. It just released a scale and door lock, and additional products like outdoor and doorbell cameras are in development. Another of its new products is the Wyze Band, a $25 fitness tracker that can also control your smart home devices.

I've been trying out the new Wyze Band for the past week, and while there's a surprising amount of functionality for a wearable product that costs so little, there are a few software quirks that ruin the experience.

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Pre-orders are now open for Wyze Band and Scale (Updated)

Wyze, the company known for making affordable smart home products, was rumored to be working on a fitness tracking band and a smart scale. The company confirmed this information and released further details on their availability last month, hinting these devices were almost ready to hit the market. We now know they will be available for early access buyers on Tuesday.

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Wyze Band to combine activity tracking and smart home control, app teardown reveals

Wyze detailed the timeline of its upcoming smart home products last week, including the Wyze Band—a wearable that functions as a fitness tracker as well as allowing you to control your Wyze products from your wrist in the form-factor of the Fitbit Charge 3. Now, additional details have come to light thanks to some information in the public beta app.

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Wyze's replacement person detection AI is already in early testing for some users

Last November, Wyze announced that person detection would disappear temporarily, due to, a third-party service provider, terminating its contract with the smart home company. Wyze quickly responded with intentions to create an in-house replacement but gave no timeline beyond some point in 2020. While we're still waiting on broad availability, person detection has already returned for at least some users in alpha testing.

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