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Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft unite: Data Transfer Project promises portability between services

Many of our readers should be familiar with Takeout, ostensibly now called "Download your Data," which allows you to back up a copy of all the information associated with your account for most of Google's services. Right now you can even use it to transition your Drive storage between providers, but thanks to the upcoming open-source Data Transfer Project—publicized yesterday in a joint effort with Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook—that data may someday be as portable as your phone. 

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Twitter Moments revert from vertical layout to card-like interface


Twitter's bottom navigation bar is official, rolling out to everyone

A couple of months ago, we reported that Twitter was testing a bottom navigation bar in its Android app. This came as no surprise since many apps from Google and others have been following this UI trend in response to the ever-increasing size of our smartphones. Twitter has now announced, on Twitter, that the test is over and the bottom navigation bar is here to stay.

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Twitter is going to make news easier to discover, changes also coming to moments and search

Twitter shared in a blog post today that it's working on changes to its content discovery features, as well as push notifications for events and news stories the platform identifies as likely to be interesting to you. Most of the changes lack firm release dates, rolling out "in the coming weeks" and months.

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Twitter introduces profile labels for US midterm general election candidates, political campaigning policy

After the 2016 US election, social media services have felt increasing pressure to improve the integrity and quality of information its users discover in their ecosystems. This week, Twitter announced US election labels, which essentially act as enhanced verified badges specially made for candidates running in this year's US midterm general election. The company also announced its "Political Campaigning Policy" to make it easier for users to understand exactly who is backing political ads. These are two steps Twitter is taking to make good on its vow to protect its users from misinformation and bad actors abusing its platform.

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Twitter is testing encrypted 'secret conversations'

It appears that Twitter is working on a 'Secret conversation' feature that would allow users to send encrypted messages to each other. This would bring Twitter in line with other messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram that already offer message encryption, and in the current privacy climate, it would surely be a popular move.

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Why you should change your Twitter and GitHub passwords now

It’s time to update your Twitter and GitHub passwords. Both services have confirmed that usernames and passwords were saved unmasked in plain text in internal logs. This is not a security breach, but users are advised to create a new password as a precautionary measure.

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Twitter officially launches Bookmarks, a place to save tweets for later viewing

As a fairly regular Twitter user, I often find myself scrolling through my timeline during brief moments of inactivity (sometimes out of compulsive habit). Oftentimes, something will catch my eye, but I do not have time to follow through on it. If it's a link to an article, adding the webpage to Pocket is a quick enough process, but I'd like to go back to look at specific tweets sometimes, too. Thankfully, Twitter has implemented such a feature.

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Twitter's new 'Happening now' section highlights tweets about important sports games and events

Twitter is a great place to find out about stuff that's going on right now. In fact, it's often the first place to get news about certain things, as information spreads through the platform incredibly quickly. Understandably, Twitter wants to leverage its position as a place for first-hand topical content, and its latest attempt to do so is a new feature called 'Happening now.'

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