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Twitter CEO says tweet editing is achievable, but the company 'can't just rush it out'

It seems Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been feeling the pressure to launch a tweet editing feature on Twitter more than usual lately — even Kim Kardashian is using her sway to gain some in-person petitioning time. At a recent press event in New Delhi, he finally broke his silence on the feature, talking about some of the considerations Twitter needs to take into account, and stating: "We have been considering this for a while and we have to do [it] in the right way. We can't just rush it out."

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Twitter now lets you specify the type of spam you're reporting

Crappy posts are part and parcel with any social network, and Twitter has more than its fair share of spam, scams, and bald-faced lies. The platform has always allowed users to report spammy posts, but now, the functionality is getting more granular, letting you specify the particular type of spam you're flagging.

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Twitter is testing a UI change for retweet and 'more' menus on tweets

Twitter's pretty well known for silently testing major and minor tweaks to its app on a small audience, and one of our tipsters spotted such a change. It's small, but Twitter is experimenting with changing the floating window popup for additional actions into a bottom-up "sheet" menu.

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😮 All emoji on Twitter now count for only two characters

In the biggest change the platform has seen since the switch to 280 characters, Twitter has changed the way it counts characters for emoji. Previously, some emoji — like those with additionally defined gender or skin tone — counted as more characters than others, due to the method of their encoding. But as of now, all emoji will be counted equally as two characters.

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Twitter API bug potentially allowed developers to read DMs and private accounts

Earlier today, Twitter sent a message to a large number of users informing them about an API bug. According to the company, it identified a bug on September 10 that potentially allowed direct messages and protected accounts to be read by "Twitter developers who were not authorized to receive them."

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Twitter brings back purely chronological timeline — your turn, Facebook and Instagram

Twitter's latest feature tweak offers a return to what many consider better days: the era of the chronological timeline (or, to be precise, the reverse chronological timeline). Now, users can escape the algorithm that dictates what the "best tweets" for them are, and simply see the latest ones. Will it solve all the ills of Twitter, substantially reduce trolling, and make for an entirely changed platform? No, probably none of those things — but it's incredibly nice to have a social media platform take into account what its users have been asking for, and actually deliver it.

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Twitter experimenting with new reply threading UI and status indicator dots

Over the years, Twitter has undergone quite a few changes. Some recent ones that come to mind include threading and the upped 280-character limit. The latest changes the company is testing include a new interface for threads, as well as a presence feature that'll show when people are online.

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Twitter introduces new DM-request filtering tool to save you from dealing with its charming user base

Twitter is a fun place, isn't it? It's a friendly area of the internet where you can go to engage in meaningful, mutually respectful conversations. Oh wait, I meant the exact opposite. In any case, it's trying to improve and one of its latest methods is to filter out "lower quality" direct messages from your inbox. The social media giant announced its new feature this afternoon, to mixed response.

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Twitter Lite v2.0 adds image saving, push notifications, and more [APK Download]

Twitter's alternate app for developing nations with limited cellular connections (or those looking for a lighter or data-saving experience) just got bumped to v2.0. In this update, Twitter Lite is getting a crucial feature with push notifications as well as some other important stuff.

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Twitter stock tanks after second-quarter results

Facebook just experienced the largest one-day loss in market value in the history of the United States, thanks to new GDPR regulations and the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. Twitter isn't doing great either, as the company's stock dropped 21% following the quarterly earnings report.

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