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Twitter finally gets around to patching Android app security hole... 22 months later

Twitter has patched its app from a vulnerability within Android that could let a malicious app siphon users' private date — including their direct messages — while bypassing system permissions. Every Twitter for Android user was notified about the security hole which affects users on versions 8 Oreo and 9 Pie.

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FBI catches alleged hackers behind the great Twitter hack of 2020

Three individuals have been charged with carrying out a debilitating security breach on Twitter 2 weeks ago that saw high-profile verified accounts hijacked for the purposes of a Bitcoin scam. In perpetrating the scheme, the team allegedly gained privileged tools by connecting with an employee who was selling access to them.

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Twitter might test a paid subscription tier later this year

Twitter may have recently hit 1 billion downloads on the Play Store, but the social media company has seen its fair share of adversity lately, including a massive data breach and advertisers boycotting social media. Today, Jack Dorsey told investors that the company has been looking into alternative ways of making money, including a potential paid subscription plan.

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Twitter carousel returns to Google Search in wake of hack

In the wake of July 15th's massive Twitter hack, Google temporarily removed the Twitter carousel from results in search, probably to make sure that the bitcoin scams being tweeted by verified celebrities weren't parroted in search results. At the time, Google told us it would bring the Twitter carousel back after it had performed a careful review, and that day has come: The Twitter carousel is back in Search.

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Massive Twitter breach made possible by social engineering

Some verified Twitter accounts are not able to post tweets right now. The company says it is working to investigate and fix a major vulnerability that saw celebrities including Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Kanye West, and MrBeast of YouTube fame post bogus offers to give back double whatever Bitcoin deposit their followers put in.

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Google confirms it disabled the Twitter carousel in Search following Bitcoin scam kerfuffle

Yesterday's Twitter snafu has had a significant impact outside the platform itself. In what Google has confirmed to us was an intentional response to the breach, the Twitter carousel has been disabled in Google Search results, and data gathered by Search Engine Roundtable confirms the change is universal.

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Twitter overhauls API with dev roadmap and a slow drip of new features

Twitter had been teasing the first major update to its API since 2012 for days. On the back of yesterday's major security breach which saw a bevy of verified accounts hijacked for the sake of a Bitcoin scam, the company decided that it would still announce the new API today as scheduled, but would delay the roll-out. Still, all of this has left outside developers wondering what these new tools will allow them to do.

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Twitter just hit 1 billion installs on the Play Store

It's hard to imagine the world without Twitter right now. So much is happening on the platform these last few years, from politics, product announcements, and grassroots movements to more personal means of communication. Given that there are 7.8 billion people in the world and Android being the most used mobile operating system, you'd think that the Twitter app already has more than one billion installs, but no, the application has just now crossed that milestone on the Play Store.

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Twitter would love it if you actually read some of the stuff you retweet

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that should help promote a more informed discussion on its platform. A new prompt is being tested on Twitter for Android that asks if you'd like to actually read the article you're about to retweet if you haven't actually opened it in the app.

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You can now customize Twitter lists on Android, hide their content from your main timeline (APK download)

Twitter lists are a great way to silo content you find on the social network into small, easy-to-digest chunks, all while avoiding missing out on important tweets from accounts and people you care about. Now, lists are becoming more customizable on Android and, as a bonus, you can hide these lists' content from your main timeline.

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