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Spotify testing a new feature that lets listeners tell podcasters how they really feel

Spotify might be the frontrunner when it comes to music streaming, but it's still a new player in the world of podcasting. There are plenty of issues that the company needs to work on to improve the experience, but today podcasts on Spotify are starting to get a little more interactive thanks to a new test that lets podcasters connect to their audiences through polling.

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Spotify working on Karaoke Mode, Group Sessions, offline playback for free users, and more

Spotify is one of the most popular ways to stream music these days, and it isn't showing any signs of slowing down. From making podcasts a priority to adding standalone Chromecast support to the desktop app, the company continues to improve the audio experience. Now we're learning about a number of features that appear to be in the works, including karaoke capabilities and Group Sessions to make jamming out with friends easier.

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Spotify rolls out Daily Sports curated music-and-podcast playlist

Spotify may be testing or rolling out a new daily playlist which will feature tracks from your favorite artists and genres in addition to sports podcasts. If Daily Sports spreads across to more users, it will join the streaming service's growing list of daily music-and-podcast playlists curated to its users.

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Spotify optimizes its interface for Android tablets and Chromebooks

There's a lot that Spotify can improve in its app's experience, but the most glaring issue for anyone using a larger-screened Android device was the lack of any interface optimization. The phone UI simply stretched to fill the screen, with tiny touch targets and no special consideration given to the larger screen estate. That's changed now as Spotify began rolling out a new tablet-optimized design on Android.

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Spotify desktop apps and web client pick up standalone Chromecast support

Spotify might be indispensable for some of us, but the company can be surprisingly slow to roll out pretty basic features. In another I-can't-believe-it-didn't-already-have-it addition, the Spotify desktop client just picked up standalone support for streaming to Chromecasts.

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Spotify wants you to watch video podcasts on its app, not on YouTube

If you listen to podcasts but also like to see your chatty hosts filling up a screen somewhere in the background, Spotify — the audio streaming company where podcasting is more prevalent than ever — is stepping up with support for video podcasts in its desktop and mobile apps, available to free and premium users globally.

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Spotify is now available in 13 new markets across Europe, including Russia and Ukraine

From online streaming to classic vinyl, there are a lot of ways to listen to music these days. Spotify is one of the biggest names in the streaming game, but that doesn't mean much if it's inaccessible in your country. Today, Spotify's announcing availability in 13 new market regions across Eastern Europe, along with 200 new playlists from the region.

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Spotify starts giving Apple competition with podcast charts in 26 countries

Streaming audio service Spotify is pushing more chips into the podcasting pot. As if acquiring Gimlet and a variety of original shows weren't enough, the company is looking to challenge Apple's podcast ranking tables with a number of its own. The effort will be headlined with two: Top Podcasts and Trending Podcasts.

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Spotify Premium Duo comes to the US and 54 more markets

For couples who live together, the Spotify Family plan has been a good way to save a few pennies on your subscription, but the Premium Duo plan announced last year offered up the chance to save even more. Until now, it's only been available in select countries, but it's just arrived in the US as well as 54 other markets across the globe.

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