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Google fires back at Sonos with its own patent infringement countersuit

Back in January, Sonos filed a lawsuit against Google, telling the story of a company that used its power to steal intellectual property and infringe on 100 separate patents. The claims even raise the topic of antitrust. The filing called for the courts to ban the sale of most Google-made products with any relationship to audio. Google is now firing back with its own countersuit aiming to shut down the initial attack.

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Google is starting to treat third-party smart speakers as first-class citizens

Google has just announced a handful of changes that are rolling out to third-party Assistant speakers. As usual, some of these changes are old (Google loves to announce stuff way after it actually lands), and the very short version is that Google is opening up three important Assistant features to some third-party smart speakers.

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The new Sonos S2 app is now available on the Play Store

Last month, Sonos announced the all-new Arc soundbar alongside updated versions of the Sonos Five (formerly Play:5) and Sub. At the same time, we learned that a new app would soon be arriving, and that day has now come. The new Sonos app for Android and iOS is out today, while the legacy app remains available for use with some older products that aren't compatible with the new platform.

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Sonos is releasing a new app that's incompatible with some older hardware

Sonos is releasing a new version of the Sonos Control app on June 8th, but not all of the company's previous hardware will be able to make the switch. In what seems to be a compromise regarding its controversial (and since backtracked) policy regarding abandoning legacy hardware, older devices will be left on the current Sonos app, where they'll continue to work and get security updates. Newer Sonos hardware will be able to migrate to the new "S2" Sonos app, which will get new features like saved room groups.

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Sonos reveals new Arc premium sound bar, plus a new Sonos Sub and Sonos Five

Today Sonos is unveiling three new products, headlined by the Sonos Arc: a new bigger premium soundbar sporting 11 drivers (eight woofers and three tweeters) with Dolby Atmos, dynamic Trueplay sound tuning, and HDMI eARC support. Alongside it are two new refreshes for the company's existing lineup: A new Sonos Sub Gen 3 and Sonos Five, all available on June 10th.

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Sonos Playbar leak shows off revamped design, new touch controls

In addition to its range of speakers, Sonos also makes a premium soundbar. Sadly, the latter hasn't been updated since 2013, but new leaks hint the Playbar is about to get a fresh coat of paint. Renders of the revamped soundbar have just leaked, showing the device's upcoming design and potential specs.

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Sonos releases new Radio service with news, music, sports, and original stations

Sonos has made a few misfires lately, like creating confusion around the discontinuation of older speakers and briefly having a "recycling" program that bricked speakers. Thankfully, the company's latest announcement sounds like a step in the right direction — a free radio service for all Sonos owners.

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Sonos backtracks on controversial speaker-bricking trade-in program

Sonos is backtracking on its contentious new trade-in program, which effectively bricked devices that were flipped into a "recycle mode" for a trade-in discount. Instead of ensuring all its old speakers end up in the garbage, the company is switching to a serial number-based validation system to snag a discount, and you can even hang onto your old, outdated speaker.

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Sonos kills support for legacy devices, potentially nerfing updates for your whole Sonos system (Update: CEO apology)

Sonos recently came under fire when news broke that it's permanently bricking perfectly fine devices as part of its trade-up program. This electronic waste issue might be amplified over the next months as Sonos has announced that it's deprecating software support for some of its older products starting in May. The catch is that if your home includes both legacy and modern devices, none will get updates anymore because Sonos products have to share the same software across a network.

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Sonos sues Google for patent infringement, asks for sales ban on almost all Google devices

Amazon and Google's plays for user data have pushed the battle of the virtual assistants into the living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms via the smart speaker. Sonos, which makes a number of audio products compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, feels it has been squeezed by both companies of its intellectual property in the middle of this war. However, The New York Times reports the company has decided to target only Google in two federal lawsuits and has sought sales injunctions for its speakers, smartphones, and laptops.

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