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WhatsApp brings dark mode to desktop and the web

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, and it's only been getting more feature-rich thanks to recent updates like profile sharing via QR codes and animated stickers in chats. But the company isn't neglecting the basics either, and it's now adding a dark mode for the desktop and web that will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

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WhatsApp is rolling out animated stickers in beta (APK download)

Animated stickers have been available in Telegram and Gboard for a long while, but WhatsApp has only supported static sticker images so far. Be it through the app's few included packs or downloadable third-party packs from the Play Store, you got still image stickers. That's changing now in WhatsApp beta, as the app is introducing animated sticker support.

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Google Photos will no longer back up images from WhatsApp, Messages, Kik, and other messaging apps by default

Google is disabling the Google Photos app's image and video backup for folders created by services like WhatsApp, Messages, and Kik. In essence, that means that by default, photos and videos from those services saved on your phone won't be backed up by Google Photos going forward. The change appears to be temporary, and Google hopes it will make a dent in internet resource utilization during the ongoing pandemic. If you prefer, you can easily revert the change manually to re-enable those backups at any time.

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WhatsApp payments suspended in Brazil just one week after launch

WhatsApp's recently launched digital payments system for Brazil has been suspended merely one week after its launch. The decision was handed down yesterday by Brazil's Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) and the country's Central Bank, both of which are concerned about how it could harm competition with existing institutions in the domestic market.

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WhatsApp launches in-chat digital payments, starting in Brazil

For years, WhatsApp has been working towards launching its own payment service. While we always thought India would be the first country to see a full-blown rollout of the feature, it looks like Facebook struck a deal with Brazilian partners before. The company has announced that its bringing digital payments to WhatsApp in the Latin American country, powered by Facebook Pay.

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WhatsApp beta lets you share your profile with others via QR code (APK download)

WhatsApp's reliance on phone numbers for authentication is part of the reason the app took off so fast — no username, no email, no password, no fuss. But that requirement has become a hindrance over the last few years, be it in the lack of multi-device support or the inability to quickly start chatting with someone without adding them to your phone's contacts first. There are workarounds for the latter, but nothing too straightforward. Now WhatsApp is starting to address this by adding QR codes for profiles in the latest beta.

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WhatsApp is rolling out Messenger Rooms integration in latest beta (APK Download)

Demand for video conferencing tools has skyrocketed in recent months, and Facebook has played a relatively minor role in that space despite owning two leading messaging apps. Taking steps to mend that, the social media giant introduced Messenger Rooms last month for a more casual video chat experience with small groups. After expanding the service to a worldwide audience, Facebook is now rolling out its integration in WhatsApp, starting in the newest beta.

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WhatsApp Business now lets companies sync info from their Facebook pages (APK Download)

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger platforms in the world, and when they launched WhatsApp Business back in 2018, it provided businesses a great way to connect with customers. And now things are getting a bit simpler for businesses on the service, as they'll be able to link their company's Facebook page to WhatsApp Business in order to sync info from it and run Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Pay to start rolling out by the end of May in India

For more than two years, WhatsApp has been working towards its own payment platform in India, and it looks like these efforts will soon pay off. As Moneycontrol reports, the company plans to launch WhatsApp Pay in cooperation with four financial institutions by the end of May. The service will be based on India's government-supported digital payment platform UPI (Universal Payment Interface).

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Netflix trailers now play inside WhatsApp chats just like YouTube videos

It's been possible to watch shared YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram videos right in WhatsApp's native picture-in-picture player for a long time already, and now Netflix has joined the list of supported services. Whenever you share a link to a show or movie from the streaming platform, you and your recipient will be able to view the trailer (if one is available) right in WhatsApp.

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