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HP's 14" Chromebook x360 14c 2-in-1 is $399 ($230 off) for students at Best Buy

If you're after a snappy-looking Chromebook, but last week's $799 Galaxy Chromebook was a bit out of budget, we've got something for half the price. This model of the 14" HP Chromebook x360 14c is currently just $399 ($230 off) at Best Buy. The only catch is that you have to be registered as a student with your Best Buy account.

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The best cheap Chromebooks that are actually in stock right now

With coronavirus keeping many of us homebound, there's a dramatic increase in the demand for laptops, especially affordable ones for students and those of us working from home. This has caused massive stock shortages for popular models of various Chromebooks, but we think there are still a few solid picks available that you can get in the $200-300 range.

All of the models we've selected are fast enough to handle at least a few Chrome tabs and applications running at once, and most of them have large 14/15-inch screens. We have a dedicated guide for the best Chromebooks overall, but this list is solely focused on budget options with large screens that are actually in stock right now.

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You'll finally be able to run a Windows virtual machine on your Chromebook with Parallels

Chromebooks were initially designed to be lightweight web-browsing laptops but gradually started gaining more features, especially when it came to offline computing. However, unlike macOS or Linux, Chrome OS doesn't have the ability to locally run Windows apps, which can sometimes be essential, especially when it comes to corporate apps. Back in June, Parallels and Google announced a partnership stating Chromebooks would soon be able to run Windows apps "seamlessly." The promise is now closer to reality, with the Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise set to be released this fall.

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Chromebook owners can now redeem three free months of Stadia Pro

Computers that lack native software for common tasks can be a tough sell sometimes, which is why Google throws in a few perks when you buy a Chromebook. Google recently started including a free year of 100GB Dropbox storage with Chromebooks (on top of the 100GB Google Drive offer that has been around for years), but now there's another promotion — three months of Stadia Pro.

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Google is going all-in on Windows app support for Chrome OS

Last month, Google announced that Chrome OS was getting support for Windows apps via Parallels, and while we knew the "why?" much of the "how?" remained to be determined. But in an interview today with The Verge, Google is revealing more of the juicy details behind the change.

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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook drops to $799 ($200 off) at Best Buy

Pixelbook aside, Chromebooks have a reputation for being slow, plasticky, and generally not very good-looking. The Galaxy Chromebook, however, defies all that with a premium processor, an aluminum chassis, and an eye-catching design. Best Buy is currently offering the Galaxy Chromebook for $799, $200 off MSRP — a healthy discount on a pretty new laptop.

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Chrome OS 84 tweaks Linux setup to include username and container sizing options

When Google introduced Chrome OS back in 2011, it was mostly just a window to the web. The operating system eventually expanded to include Android integration, and last year Google announced that every new Chromebook would be launching with Linux support. However, the implementation of Linux on Chrome OS had been a little limited out of the gate. Now with the launch of Chrome OS 84, Google is adding the ability to set a username and configure the Linux disk size during initial setup.

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Chromebook owners can now get 100GB of free Dropbox storage for a year

Google already throws in a few perks with the purchase of Chromebooks, like three months of Disney+ or copies of Doom I and II, but now there's an extra bonus. If you've bought a Chromebook recently, you might be able to get 100GB of free Dropbox storage for 12 months.

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The best Chromebooks (Summer 2020), from $300 and up

We live in interesting times — not just in general, but when it comes to Chromebooks, too. On the one hand, it's a golden age with high-end prices falling and tablets finally making sense. On the other hand, the selection of new models is starting to dwindle a bit. But whether you need a cheap computer for the kids' homework or something capable to plug the work-from-home gap, a Chromebook can probably do the job, and these are the ones we recommend.

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Chrome OS 84 comes with redesigned Files app, better Overview screen, and resizable on-screen keyboard

Following the release of Chrome 84 on desktops and mobile, Google has now launched Chrome OS 84. Other than the regular Chrome browser features like intrusive notification request blocking and app shortcuts support, the OS is in for some more treats. The redesigned, all-white Files app is finally going stable, the virtual keyboard is now resizeable, there are simpler split-screen options built into the Overview screen, and we get a new Explore app that replaces the Get Help application.

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